a pink haired squid kid in profile holding a long-barreled gun. the ground is covered in pink ink and there's a tree and some railings behind him
Screenshot via Nintendo

All New Weapon Sets in Splatoon 3 Chill Season 2022

You get a new weapon, and you get a new weapon!

Splatoon 3’s new season is about to launch, and it’s bringing a new collection of weapon sets for you to take into battle. Three of these sets feature brand new weapons while the others feature existing weapons with a revamped sub-weapon and special. Chill Season 2022 arrives on December 1st, 2022, and it’ll add 13 new weapon sets to the game, adding a wealth of variety to the ink-based shooter.

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Sniperwriter 5H

a sniper-like gun mad from a blue plastic grip around a large pencil
Screenshot via Nintendo

The Sniperwriter 5H is one of the new weapons joining Splatoon 3 in Chill Season 2022. While the full set hasn’t been revealed, we do know a little about this new, Charger-class weapon. Like some of its cousins, the Sniperwriter 5H can store charged shots even if you revert to squid/octopus form. In fact, the Sniperwriter can store up to 5 charges at a time, making it a solid option for some stealthy sniping.

Big Swig Roller

The Big Swig Roller is a new Roller type weapon coming to Splatoon 3 next season, and it boasts some potent properties. It has a modified roller that leaves a wider path while rolling, and the best part is it doesn’t use up too much ink either. At the time of this writing, though, the Big Swig Roller’s sub-weapon and special still haven’t been revealed.

Splattershot Nova

The Splattershot Nova is the latest model of Shooter weapon in Splatoon 3 that comes packed with useful features. While not the most powerful gun around, the Splattershot Nova has incredible range that can give you an edge if you pay attention to your surroundings. Furthermore, your aim doesn’t degrade when holding down the trigger, making the Splattershot Nova one of the game’s most accurate guns.

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Slosher Deco

a black bucket with blue and yellow stickers on the side. a large, black handle protrudes from the top
Screenshot via Nintendo

The Slosher has been given a bit of a facelift with the Slosher Deco, a revamped weapon set that couples the bucket of paint with a new sub weapon and special. The Angle Shooter provides special supremacy by restricting your opponents’ movements, while the Zipcaster special makes it easy to burst into enemy territory for some wanton inking.

Golden Aerospray MG

a golden gun with a large canister on top and a small appendage below the nozzle. a tube connects the bottom of the handle to the back of the barrel
Screenshot via Nintendo

The Golden Aerospray MG has a glossy finish, but it’s functionally identical to its silver-played sibling. This modified weapon set also comes with the Sprinkler sub weapon and Booyah Bombs for a special attack, adding to the Aerospray’s already prodigious inking ability.

Dapple Duelies Nouveau

twin, purple handguns with a toothbrush at the bottom of the handle
Screenshot via Nintendo

The Dapple Duelies Nouveau are a fresh spin on the Dapple Duelies of old, replete with a slick new coat of paint. Backing up the main weapon are the Torpedo sub and Reefslider special, which creates a unique set built around quick and aggressive movement.

Inkbrush Nouveau

a brush and paint tube attached to a blue, plastic handle. The brush has pink paint on the tip.
Screenshot via Nintendo

The Inkbrush Nouveau, much like the existing Inkbrush, requires players to get up in the opposing team’s collective face to do some damage. The Ink Mine sub weapon and Ultra Stamp special complement this playstyle nicely, rewarding players who find themselves on enemy turf.

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Forge Splattershot Pro

a green, gun-shaped weapon with a yellow nozzle and black handle
Screenshot via Nintendo

The Forge Splattershot Pro takes the traditional Splattershot Pro model and gives it a little more zone control. The new set sports Suction Bombs and Booyah Bombs, a veritable bomb-a-palooza. Players can easily flush opponents out with their bombs before finishing them off with a salvo from the Splattershot Pro.

Zink Mini Splatling

a minigun with a blue ink canister attached to the side.
Screenshot via Nintendo

The Zink Mini Splatling gives the existing minigun a teal coat while switching up the sub and special weapon. The new sub weapon is Toxic Mist, which weakens opposing players and slows them down, making them easier targets for your ink barrage. Meanwhile, the Big Bubbler special lets you carve out a pocket of safety when pushing into enemy territory.

Luna Blaster Neo

a blaster type gun with a purple, oval shaped body and two orbs protruding from the top of the barrel and the back of the gun
Screenshot via Nintendo

The Luna Blaster Neo gives the short-range blaster a nifty new look and a fresh kit to maximize the close up playstyle. Fizzy Bombs are great for keeping enemies on their toes and cutting off quick escape routes, while the Ultra Stamp will flatten any nearby foes.

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Splatoon 3’s Chill Season 2022 kicks off on December 1, 2022 and will come as a free update. Splatoon 3 is available now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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