zack fair in all black with a sword on his back facing away from Angeal, a muscular man in a similar outfit with one, outstretched white wing. Angeal holds a sword up to his face. Text at the bottom reads "as long as I hold the buster sword"
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How To Make Healing Attacks In Crisis Core Reunion

SOLDIER, heal thyself.

Healing is a vital mechanic of any RPG, and Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII – Reunion is no exception. The Final Fantasy series has long used spells like Curaga and items like Potions to keep the main characters alive, but Crisis Core Reunion offers players some more aggressive healing options. There are special attack materia that allow Zack to dish out damage while healing himself, cutting out the need for dedicated healing spells altogether.

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How To Make Healing Attacks

menu screen showing two materia about to be fused. The first is Assault Twister and the second is Drain, with HP stone in the item slot. The result will be Drain Blade with the description "Enables attacks that steal HP from the enemy."
Screenshot via Square Enix

Once you unlock materia fusion, you’ll be able to start combining different abilities to make more powerful versions or new attacks altogether. Among the most useful of these are attacks that can heal Zack’s HP or MP, though creating the most powerful versions of them can be a bit tricky.

The most important ingredient you’ll need to create any of these attacks is the base spell: Drain and Osmose. Drain is a health-stealing spell that literally drains enemies of their life force. Osmose, on the other hand, steals an opponent’s MP, which is all but necessary when building Zack’s stats around spellcasting.

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The second ingredient is usually an attack command of some kind, such as Assault Twister or Death Blade. Make sure to double-check the result of your materia fusion before hitting that fuse button, as more powerful spell materia can override the result. This will leave you with nothing more than a slightly better version of the existing spell.

Here are some of the easiest methods for creating each type of healing attack:

  • Drain Blade: Drain + Assault Twister
  • Power Drain: Drain + Stop Blade
  • Aerial Drain: Drain/Osmose + Assault Twister+
  • Power Osmose: Osmose + Death Blade
  • Osmose Blade: Drain + Attack Up

How To Use Them

a battle scene where Zack in an all black outfit with spiky black hair initiates an overhead attack with his large sword. a plant-like enemy in front of him prepares a Blizzaga spell while another plant enemy in the background does the same
Screenshot via Square Enix

These materia work just like any other: simply equip them to one of Zack’s six materia slots. To get the most recovery, Power Osmose and Drain are your best options. Power Osmose synergizes beautifully with a magic build. Build out Zack’s materia deck with powerful spells and boost his attack stat for the best results.

While these attacks are useful, it’s worth mentioning that the more powerful versions of these materia require a brief moment to charge up. During this window, Zack is unable to move or guard, leaving him completely vulnerable to enemy attacks. It’s best to initiate these attacks when the enemy is staggered or afflicted with a status ailment like Stop or Stun. Otherwise, your attempt at healing might result in a quick game over screen.

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