three squid kids with green hair and each holding a different weapon on a black background splattered with green paint. in the bottom right corner is text that reads "Chill Season: 12/1 - a new season unfolds"
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Splatoon 3 Chill Season 2022: All New Features, Challenges, Weapons, and Release Date

Turf War and chill!

Splatoon 3’s inaugural season has been an unmitigated success, but it’s time for the ink-based, online shooter to evolve. On the heels of a rousing Splatfest, Nintendo has revealed Splatoon 3’s second season of content, titled Chill Season 2022. This update will bring a host of fresh content to the game, including new weapons, stages, gear, and even some intriguing new modes.

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Splatoon 3 New Weapons

a pink haired squid kid in profile holding a long-barreled gun. the ground is covered in pink ink and there's a tree and some railings behind him
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Chill Season 2022 will expand the roster of weapons with 13 additional weapon kits. This includes 3 brand-new weapons in the Shooter, Roller, and Charger categories. Each weapon is shown off in the season’s announcement trailer, but there are no details on their abilities at the time of this writing. The other 10 kits feature returning weapons from previous titles, though a few of them have had their support and power weapons modified.

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Splatoon 3 New Stages

Chill Season 2022 will also add two stages to the rotating roster: Brinewater Springs and Flounder Heights. Brinewater Springs is a brand new map that takes place at an idyllic hot spring location that looks to have great verticality and plenty of water hazards. Flounder Heights is a returning map from the original Splatoon that has a good balance between higher and lower pathways.

Splatoon 3New Modes

the words "Big run is imminent" in white text over a theme park backdrop that has a cloudy, red sky overhead
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Chill Season 2022 will introduce two new modes to Splatoon 3: X Battles and Big Run. X Battles are skirmishes that are accessible to elite players at the highest ranks of the Anarchy Battles. These frenetic matches are high risk and high reward, and only the best will scale the leaderboards.

Big Run is an evolution of the Salmon Run coop mode that features new challenges and dangers. Salmonids appear to be invading in even greater numbers, and it’s up to the residents of Splatsville to keep them at bay. The first Big Run event will take place later this year on the Wahoo World stage.  

New Gear in Splatoon 3

With Chill Season 2022 comes a new catalog, which means players will have the chance to earn a bevy of new cosmetic rewards throughout the season. A hundred new levels mean new titles, banners, decorations, and gear are up for grabs. Alongside the refreshed catalog, each shop will also have new items for sale from locker decorations to fresh fashion options.

Release Date in Splatoon 3

Chill Season 2022 will kick off on December 12th, 2022. It will be the first seasonal refresh for Splatoon 3 and includes a ton of new content including three new weapons, two new maps, two new modes, and a new catalog with cosmetic rewards.

Splatoon 3 is available now for the Nintendo Switch.

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