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Marvel Snap: Best On Reveal Cards

Let's see what's behind card number one!

Marvel Snap has taken over the mobile gaming scene and got everybody card-battling. There are over 150 different cards to collect, and they all have their uses in a match. On Reveal cards are some of the most potent in the game, as they activate powerful effects when flipped over. But certain cards and better than others, and you’ll need to know how to use them to claim victory.

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Marvel Snap: Best On Reveal Cards

Squirrel Girl

a trading of a girl in a brown jacket and jean shorts leaps down from a tree. She has a long, brown tail behind her and two squirrel friends nearby. Text at the bottom reads "Squirrel Girl"
Screenshot via Marvel Games

Squirrel Girl is an incredibly useful On Reveal card that can set up a number of powerful strategies. Her On Reveal effect creates two, 1-power Squirrel cards at the two locations Squirrel Girl herself isn’t at. This essentially means she creates two exact copies of herself.

Squirrel Girl synergizes well with Ka-Zar, as his Ongoing effect boosts her power and the power of her Squirrel companions. Alternatively, you can throw Carnage down to gain an extra point of power while also clearing the board for more powerful cards down the line.


a trading card of a man in jeans and a red leather jacket flies into space with rocket boots while firing twin blasters. text at the bottom reads "Star-Lord"
Screenshot via Marvel Games

Star-Lord, like most of the Guardians of the Galaxy, has a very specific On Reveal effect. If your opponent also plays a card at the same location on that turn, Peter Quill gets a nifty +3 power boost. Not bad for a measly 2-cost card.

Star-Lord (and Rocket, Groot, and Gamora, by extension) are best played when you know exactly where your opponent is going to play a card next. If they played Hawkeye on the previous turn, it’s a pretty safe bet they’ll revisit that location to give the archer a power boost. There are also certain locations that force players to play cards there on certain turns, so you can use that to your advantage as well.

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a trading card of a red skinned creature standing on top of a skyscraper and looking toward the viewer. text at the bottom reads "Carnage"
Screenshot via Marvel Games

Carnage is a brutal card that works best in decks with a decent amount of cannon fodder. His On Reveal effect destroys all other cards at his location, giving him +2 power for each one he takes out. Using Carnage requires a delicate balance of cards that can make the most of his unique ability.

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The best card to play opposite Carnage is Wolverine. Wolverine just respawns on another location when he’s destroyed, so Carnage gets his power boost and Wolverine is still in the game. Other good options are Nova, who gives all your cards +1 power when he’s destroyed, or 1-power cards like Squirrel Girl and her Squirrels.

Iron Heart

a trading card of a woman in a red, black, and gold mech suit. She's flying. text at the bottom reads "Ironheart"
Screenshot via Marvel Games

Iron Heart is one of the game’s best support cards that can make or break a match depending on when she’s played. Her On Reveal effect grants three of your other cards +2 power, offsetting her own power of zero. Just make sure you have three other cards on the field already, as she can’t boost her own power.

Iron Heart is useful in just about any situation, but especially when you already have a good number of cards on the field. Squirrel Girl is a good complement for making sure you have enough cards to get Iron Heart’s full benefit, and playing Odin at the same location provides another healthy dose of power boosting.

Hulk Buster

a trading card of a large, red and gold mech suit crashing into the ground. text at the bottom reads "Hulk Buster"
Screenshot via Marvel Games

Hulk Buster is a great card to play when you really want to overcharge a specific location. Its On Reveal effect merges it with another friendly card at that location, combining their power to form one super card.

Hulk Buster is especially potent on Bar Sinister, as all four Hulk Busters that spawn will combine onto one card, creating a 16-power hero for just 3 energy. Plus, you’ll be able to take advantage of Bar Sinister’s duplicating effect a second time. It’s also useful at the Nexus, as it lets you really pour a ton of power into a single location.

White Tiger

a trading card of a woman in a white, feline-like suit with a green, smoky tiger behind her. text at the bottom reads "White Tiger"
Screenshot via Marvel Games

White Tiger is a situational card that can absolutely turn a battle around in a single, shocking turn. She’s an expensive 1-power card, but her On Reveal effect more than makes up for it by spawning a 7-power Tiger on another location.

White Tiger can cause the most damage on locations where her own power can be boosted or you don’t need to win. Bar Sinister and Sinister London are also strong options for her, as you’ll get extra Tiger cards out of each duplicate. Odin can also back her up to trigger her On Reveal effect a second time, and his base power is high enough to offset her low score.

Jessica Jones

a woman in a white shirt, jeans, and a black jacket lifts a car tire in one hand while holding her cellphone in the other. text at the bottom reads "Jessica Jones"
Screenshot via Marvel Games

Jessica Jones’ On Reveal effect lines up with her personality better than most other cards in the game. If you avoid playing a card on her location on the following turn, Jessica will get a +4 power boost for the remainder of the match. The bright side is she also keeps this boost even if you play more cards on her location later.

Jessica is pretty good at handling a location on her own, but she doesn’t mind a little company from time to time. To trigger her ability while also shoring up her location, consider Klaw or Mister Fantastic as a backup. Captain America can also give her a little extra boost if he’s already at that location, and Blue Marvel can lend a hand no matter where he is on the field.


a woman in a yellow and red superhero suit. She has long black hair and her fist is glowing neon green. text at the bottom reads "Spider-Woman"
Screenshot via Marvel Games

Spider-Woman is an aggressive card that can easily undercut an opponent’s well-laid plans. Her On Reveal effect reduces the power of each enemy card at the same location by one. This renders cards like Captain America and Blue Marvel useless at that spot.

Spider-Woman has 7 power on her own, so she’s a strong play no matter where she is on the field, but you’re best off playing her opposite a site your enemy has filled. Team her up with Odin to knock your opponent down another few pegs, a strategy that can flip even the most well-secured locations.


a woman in a white and black suit with a starburst on the chest and a brown jacket over it flies through the air with her hands glowing in white light. text at the bottom reads "Spectrum"
Screenshot via Marvel Games

Spectrum is sort of the odd duck of the On Reveal card family as her On Reveal effect specifically targets Ongoing effect cards. She gives all Ongoing effect cards a +2 power boost, making her an all-but-necessary addition to any deck built around Ongoing effects.

Her lofty cost, however, does make things a little difficult. Having two, 6-cost cards in one deck can be risky, and Onslaught is considered the best Ongoing effect card in the game. But Spectrum is a powerful ally as well that can boost a single location by eight power without ever going near it.


a large man in blue and gold leathers holds a tall, golden spear in one hand. He has a gold crown and a white, bushy beard. text at the bottom reads "Odin"
Screenshot via Marvel Games

Odin is the king of On Reveal cards in much the same way Onslaught is the king of Ongoing cards. Odin’s On Reveal effect reactivates any On Reveal effects at his location, giving them a second chance to cause some mayhem.

This means a second Tiger from White Tiger or another bout of power-boosting from Wolfsbane. Squirrel Girl will send out another wave of Squirrels, while Spectrum can boost Ongoing cards for an additional 2 power. The strategic possibilities are endless, and his addition of 8 power to his location doesn’t hurt either.

These might be the best On Reveal cards in Marvel Snap, but that doesn’t mean the others aren’t great either. It all comes down to how you build your deck! For more on Marvel Snap, check out everything you need to know about variant cards and how exactly the card pools work in the game.

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