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If you are looking to make a quick getaway from an unstoppable Mini-Boss ahead of you or you’ve found a great spot to farm much-needed Ergo, the Stargazer will be your ultimate friend. Being the only Checkpoint in the game, you will find yourself in front of you a million times before seeing the credits roll in Lies of P. But with 50 to find, Mini-Bosses to defeat, and NPC Requests to fulfill, there is a lot to visit in Lies of P.

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The Stargazer acts as the Dark Souls Bonfire. It is the Lies of P version of a checkpoint, offering a safety net to those attempting to escape the grasp of a ridiculously overpowered Mini-Boss where a quick click onto the Moon Phase Pocketwatch can save a life and your procured Ergo. As you progress through the game, across the Chapters that house different landmarks, Bosses, and areas to explore and farm Ergo inside, the Stargazers must be activated in order to save the game in the middle of your exploration successfully. This is Vincent’s guide to outline where you can find every Stargazer for each Chapter in Lies of P.

Stargazer Locations in Lies of P

For every new Stargazer you come across in Lies of P, you must amend the destroyed Stargazer by interacting with it. Once fixed, interact to activate where your game file will save. From here, you can continue playing and use this Stargazer as the nearest point to teleport to via the Moon Phase Pocketwatch, which acts as a form to farm Ergo by creating a farming route from point A to B (point A being the Stargazer you start from). The Stargazer also acts as the last place where you saved the game, meaning that any deaths you suffer from will send you back to the last used Stargazer. With a total of 11 Chapters, there are 50 Stargazers (Checkpoints) to activate in Lies of P. Let’s get to where you can find them all.

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This guide will not only outline each Stargazer you will want to find in Lies of P, but also the easiest route to navigating around the Chapter’s locations, every Mini-Boss and Boss designated to each Stargazer’s location, and each NPC with their corresponding Request that can be found within close proximity to the mentioned Stargazer.

ChapterStargazer NameStargazer LocationBossNPC LocationNPC Request
Station Plaza (Chapter I)Krat Central Station PlazaFound after exiting Krat Central Station Main Entrance
Station Plaza (Chapter I)Cerasani AlleyFound before the Parade Master’s Carnival Boss Fight ArenaParade Master
Station Plaza (Chapter I)Hotel KratFound after defeating the Parade Master
Elysion Boulevard (Chapter II)Elysion Boulevard EntranceLocated just beyond Hotel Krat (north side)
Elysion Boulevard (Chapter II)Inside the House on Elysion BoulevardFound close to the Brawler Puppet Mini-BossMad DonkeyWeeping Woman

Find my Baby

Find the Faded Whistle for Toma
Elysion Boulevard (Chapter II)Krat City HallFound at the end of the bridge after defeating Mad Donkey
Elysion Boulevard (Chapter II)Krat City Hall CourtyardUnlocked after defeating the Scrapped WatchmanScrapped Watchman
Workshop Union (Chapter III)Workshop Union EntranceUse Krat City Hall Courtyard Key to unlock the area
Workshop Union (Chapter III)Workshop Union CulvertUnlocked after defeating Shield PuppetPuppet of the Future

Workshop Union (Chapter III)Venigni Works Control RoomFound on the other side of Pipe Shortcut above Puppet of the FutureVenigniReunite Venigni with Bulcinella
Workshop Union (Chapter III)Center of Venigni WorksFrom the Pipe Shortcut, head forward and into the furnace room where the Stargazer can be found atop a set of stairs, away from the Steampunk PuppetKing’s Flame, Fuoco
St. Frangelico Cathedral (Chapter IV)Moonlight TownFound outside of the MinesThe Atoned
St. Frangelico Cathedral (Chapter IV)Path of MiseryFound at the top of the Cable Car
St. Frangelico Cathedral (Chapter IV)St. Frangelico Cathedral ChapelFound at Cathedral entrance, after defeating Green Shield Boss
St. Frangelico Cathedral (Chapter IV)St. Frangelico Cathedral LibraryFound after entering through Elevator after progressing through the ChapelSister CecileReturn the Archbishop’s Holy Mark
St. Frangelico Cathedral (Chapter IV)Archbishop’s AltarFound to the right of the Library Stargazer (must lift shutter gate in front via the chains on upper level) Fallen Archbishop Andreus
Malum District (Chapter V)Path of the PilgrimExit the Altar to find the Path of the Pilgrim Stargazer
Malum District (Chapter V)Malum DistrictHead to the bottom of the broken Tower using the wooden platforms and beams to find the Malum District Stargazer
Malum District (Chapter V)Malum District Town HallUnlocked by defeating the Eldest Member of the BrotherhoodThe Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood
Estella Opera House (Chapter VI)Rosa Isabelle Street EntranceUnlocked by getting the Rosa Isabelle Street Key from GeppettoWhite LadyOld LadyDeliver La Bleiwies Wine to Old Lady at the Window
Estella Opera House (Chapter VI)Rosa Isabelle Street CulvertUnlocked after defeating the White LadyJulianFind my Wife’s Belongings
Estella Opera House (Chapter VI)Estella Opera House EntranceFound atop the stairs, past the Mad Clown PuppetMad Clown PuppetAdelinaFind a Drink for the Actress in the Opera House
Estella Opera House (Chapter VI)Estella Opera House StageUnlocked after defeating Romeo, King of PuppetsKing of Puppets
Grand Exhibition (Chapter VII)Lorenzini ArcadeFound at end of Charity Market Path, behind the Opera House Stage
Grand Exhibition (Chapter VII)Grand Exhibition GalleryFound past the Elite Jester PuppetBelleFind my Partner
Grand Exhibition (Chapter VII)Grand Exhibition Conference RoomUnlocks upon defeating Champion VictorChampion Victor
Grand Exhibition (Chapter VII)Saintess of Mercy StatueUnlock the locked doors near the Elite Human fight area
Barren Swamp (Chapter VIII)Barren Swamp EntranceTake the Train after talking with Red Fox and Black Cat
Barren Swamp (Chapter VIII)Barren SwampFound beyond the wooden bridge inside the Swamp, close to the Broken PuppetOwl DoctorBroken PuppetUse Emotions with Broken Puppet
Barren Swamp (Chapter VIII)Barren Swamp RavineHead straight from the Barren Swamp Stargazer which will eventually lead to the Ravine
Barren Swamp (Chapter VIII)Barren Swamp BridgeExit the Caves and activate the lever to unlock the gate which will take you to the Bridge Stargazer
Barren Swamp (Chapter VIII)Barren Swamp NestUnlocks by defeating the Green MonsterGreen Monster of the Swamp
Barren Swamp (Chapter VIII)Hermit’s CaveAcquires the Special Krat Supply Box and Rusty Cryptic Vessel to unlock with Polendina and Venigni. Stargazer found just beyond the Barren Swamp Bridge Stargazer
Krat Central Station (Chapter IX)Krat Central Station PlatformFollow the route past the Barren Swamp Nest to be led directly to the Station Platform Stargazer
Krat Central Station (Chapter IX)Krat Central Station LobbyFound after defeating Robber WeaselRobber Weasel
Krat Central Station (Chapter IX)Abandoned ApartmentFound after defeating Sword Golem CarcassSword Golem Carcass
Krat Central Station (Chapter IX)Collapsed StreetFound after defeating or getting past the Elite Carcass (Clawed enemy) Walker of Illusions
Krat Central Station (Chapter IX)Krat Central Station StreetUnlocks upon defeating Walker of IllusionsCorrupted Parade Master
Relic of Trismegistus (Chapter X)Relic of Trismegistus EntranceUnlocked upon speaking to Antonia after completing the corrupt version of Krat Central Station
Relic of Trismegistus (Chapter X)Relic of Trismegistus Combat FieldUnlocks by defeating the BrotherhoodThe Black Rabbit Brotherhood
Arche Abbey (Chapter XI)Black SeasideFound at the end of this area, before you enter Arche Abbey
Arche Abbey (Chapter XI)Arche Abbey EntranceUnlocks upon defeating Door GuardianDoor Guardian
Arche Abbey (Chapter XI)Arche Abbey Outer WallClimb to the top of the area and take the ladder on the right-hand side from the main gate to find the Stargazer
Arche Abbey (Chapter XI)Arche Abbey Broken RiftFound at the end of the elevator after speaking to Black Cat in the Outer Wall
Arche Abbey (Chapter XI)Arche Abbey Prayer RoomFound atop the ladder, beside the Elite enemy (wielding a Broken Puppet) that breaks through a brick wall to ambush you
Arche Abbey (Chapter XI)Ascension BridgeUnlocks by defeating LaxasiaLaxasia the Complete
Arche Abbey (Chapter XI)Arche Abbey Upper Part – InsideLeave Sophia, exit the Study and follow the route around to find the Upper Part – Inside Stargazer
Arche Abbey (Chapter XI)Arche Abbey Upper Part – Internal BridgeArche Abbey Passageway Key obtained from Geppetto on the door next to the Cell to find the Upper Part – Internal Bridge Stargazer
Arche Abbey (Chapter XI)Arche Abbey Cradle of the GodsUnlocks upon defeating Simon ManusSimon Manus, Arm of God
Arche Abbey (Chapter XI)Under the AbyssUnlocks after defeating Nameless PuppetNameless Puppet

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