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In any Soulslike, the most important factors to keep in mind when attempting to complete these challenging, soul-destroying games are your weapon of choice, your Build stats, and whether or not beating the Bosses comes down to glorious dodge rolling or faithfully timed parries. Lies of P is no different and with an emphasis placed on guarding with the perfect block and regaining health after parrying or blocking (something I ignore consistently in my playthrough), the choice between Heavy (Motivity) or Light (Technique) Weapons is a tough one to pick when guarding is the aim of the game.

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With every Soulslike comes the debate of the best between Strength and Dexterity Builds. For the case of Lies of P, these are Motivity and Technique. But what weapons should you use if you are someone who enjoys wielding a powerful weapon, far too big for your character’s body? This is Vincent’s guide on the best Motivity Weapons to use in Lies of P.

What is Motivity in Lies of P?

Motivity is one of the stats in Lies of P that you can choose to continuously level up with any gathered Ergo you gather across your playthrough. You can get a head start in your Motivity Build at the beginning of the game by choosing to go with the Sweeper. From here, you will want to primarily place Ergo into your Motivity stat as this is your way to increase your attack, defense, and ability to wield heavier weapons. If you are only going for Motivity for your Build, you will not need Technique as this is used for lighter weapons such as Rapiers.

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Best Weapons for Motivity Builds in Lies of P

When it comes to choosing your weapon, you will have to keep in mind your overall Weight and Motivity stat at all times. Lies of P offers players the choice of a myriad of weapons, with the ability to assemble both the blade and handle, taken from other weapons you have gathered throughout the game.

Our guide will outline the best Motivity weapons to use and the best handles to accompany each weapon to get the best heavy damage output possible. Some are better for the early portion in Lies of P, whilst others should be used against Bosses in the later stages of this Soulslike.

Handles are just as important as the primary blade/blunt weapon you are carrying. They alter the movement of your swings and can transform your gameplay from a slow, heavy-hitting swing to a faster slash that still offers a ton of damage. Handles also offer a unique Fable Art Skill that can temporarily buff attacks or defenses such as Parry and Guard. The best Motivity Weapons to use in Lies of P are as follows and in no particular order:

  • Coil Mjolnir – Krat Central Station
  • Holy Sword Of The Ark – King Flame Fuoco Weapon
  • Big Pipe Wrench – Center of Vengni Works
  • Bone Cutting Sawblade – Malum District
  • Frozen Feast – Champion Victor Weapon
  • Noblesse Oblige – Simon Manus Weapon

Best Motivity Handles:

  • Krat Police Baton Handle – Increases attack for the following hit.
  • Blind Man’s Double-Sided Spear Handle – Forward stab following a guard.
  • Greatsword of Fate Handle – Temporarily blocks an enemy’s attack perfectly.

Best Weapons and Handles for Early Game

A great weapon but an even more powerful handle to get incredibly early in the game is the Police Baton. This can be found off the Mini-Boss located in the Petrification Quarantine Zone, close to the Weeping Woman NPC. The Police Baton offers a move set that is easy to master, a heavy-hitter, and a temporary damage buff through its Fable Art.

We highly recommend using this handle throughout, but other recommendations come with the Blind Man’s Spear and Fate Greatsword. These offer high stagger opportunities to get in critical hits when successful in halting the movements of your opponent. Critical damage is super important when it comes to defeating the Lies of P Bosses, so staggering your opponent is something all players should focus on.

When it comes to specific blades/blunt weapons, we recommend the Pipe Wrench and Coil Mjolnir. Both can be obtained relatively early in the game and offer high damage. However, with its slow-move set, replacing its handle is essential to obtaining its damage whilst transforming it into a faster-paced weapon at the same time.

If you are looking to get yourself one of the fastest Motivity Weapons in Lies of P, the Holy Sword is the best to get. All you need is to trade the King’s Flame Ergo to Alidoro for the Holy Sword. If you do not want to master a slower-moving weapon, the Holy Sword is our top recommendation to use.

Best Weapons for End Game

If you have the Weight to carry multiple weapons, the Bone-Cutting Sawblade offers a wide reach with an easy-to-use move set that allows you to complete combos with ease, without being punished for button mashing. Combined with another Motivity Weapon, the Sawblade can be an unstoppable force. The Frozen Feast is an incredibly unique weapon in that its strengths come from repeated use in a battle. It’s Fable Art increases the overall speed of this weapon whilst offering an incredible staggering move that allows you to get in critical finishers.

Finally, the Noblesse Oblige offers high damage from the get-go which makes sense as you need to get it off Lies of P Boss – Simon Manus. Of course, the Noblesse Oblige has flaws like the others with its slower move set than Technique Weapons however, every hit packs insane damage and is a weapon that truly speaks for itself when in use. There is a reason it comes as a reward for beating one of the hardest Bosses in Lies of P.

Whilst these are not essential to Motivity Builds as you can use weapons you found earlier in the game such as the Holy Sword or Pipe Wrench, so long as you continue to put the work in and upgrades to increase their power and keep up with the harder to obtain weapons such as the Noblesse Oblige.

For other Soulslike games or by FromSoftware themselves; we have Best Classes in Lunacid, Remnant 2 – How to Find All Keys and Unlock Locked Doors, and How to Get Every Ending in Elden Ring. We hope this list was helpful to you. Thank you for reading. Be sure to follow us on Facebook.

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