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Best Amulets in Lies of P

A buff to remember
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Amulets provide buffs to Pinocchio on his journey through Krat. Depending on what Build you are going for, the Amulet you equip can massively impact your ability to get in critical damage, execute powerful charged attacks and Fable Arts, or increase your overall survivability during a Boss fight. Every moment matters in the middle of the arena. Because of this, an Amulet can be the difference between life and death.

If you are looking to survive a little longer and get the upper hand against your opponents, these are Vincent’s recommendations on the best Amulets you should use throughout your Lies of P adventure.

What are Amulets in Lies of P?

An Amulet is an Item that can be equipped to Pinocchio as a Build augmentation. It offers a unique buff that is always working during combat. Depending on what you are using, however, these augmentations can offer a temporary effect such as attacking a staggered opponent or executing the perfect guard to follow through with a counterattack.

As there is a lot on offer in the game, with various methods of finding and upgrading them, players require different Amulets based on general exploration, defeating Lies of P Bosses, and trading their acquired Ergo. Because of this, this GJ guide will outline the best Amulets to use throughout your Lies of P playthrough and how you can obtain them.

You start with 2 Amulet slots available to use at the beginning of Lies of P. You can, however, increase the number of Slots available by finding Quartz and upgrading Pinocchio’s P-Organ (Skill Tree). You will need to reach Phase 2 in order to put 2 Quartz into an additional Amulet slot.

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What Are the Best Amulets to Equip?

Best Early Game Amulets

With a variety of Amulets to choose from, it can be difficult to know which is the best to use. When it comes to the early game, we highly recommend the use of Life, Assassin, and Puppet Destroyer. These provide you with the much-needed health boost (Life Amulet) so that you can focus on grinding your Build based on Motivity or Technique.

As staggering your opponent is crucial to defeating the Life of P Bosses, boosting your Crit damage (Assassin Amulet) as much as possible early on is incredibly helpful after executing combos with charged attacks to cause a staggering effect. Finally, the Puppet Destroyer provides extra damage against Puppets which is a great addition for taking on early Bosses such as Parade Master and Scrapped Watchman.

As mentioned previously, staggering is an important aspect of Lies of P. As you progress through the game and start to learn what works best for your playstyle and chosen Build, your Amulet picks will likely deter you from the early game.

Some Amulets work better in combination with one another. For example; Extreme Modifications (increased Weapon ATK based on filled Fable Slots), Awakened God’s Amulet (increased Fable Arts damage on a staggered enemy), and Assassin’s Amulet (increased Crit ATK) offer stacked damage that can be achieved by stunning the opponent with successful combos based on your stored Fable to then deal Fable Art damage against them once stunned and finished off with a crit buff.

Best Motivity Amulets

Depending on whether you prefer to parry or dodge will determine which Amulet you choose. For example, for those who are trying to perfect the Guard system (Motivity Build), the Conquering or Impregnable Fortress is the best option. These offer damage buffs and no cost to Weapon Durability (another important factor to watch in Lies of P).

Best Technique Amulets

For those running a Technique Build, other Amulets are better suited to this fast-paced playstyle where dodge rolling may be a more appropriate option than attempting to parry. These are Dancing One’s (ability to dodge on low Stamina), Patience (increased Stamina recovery speed), and Piercing Hatred (Immune to Status Ailments).

These are our recommendations for Technique because they offer a consistent fast-paced action in Boss fights that allow for fast recovery and the ability to stay close to enemies at all times, without the risk of taking Overheat, Decay, Corruption, etc., damage against Pinocchio and/or his weapon.

Best Late Game Amulets

For the later portion of Lies of P, a change will be needed once more. There are various combinations available in Lies of P, especially if you have upgraded to hold 4 Amulet slots. Regardless of which Build you are using, we highly recommend these Amulets for the hardest Bosses in the game:

  • Nameless One’s Amulet – Has a chance that no Pulse Cell is consumed when used.
  • Recharged Amulet – Restored HP continuously.
  • Awakened God’s Amulet – Increased Fable Arts damage on a staggered enemy.
  • Extreme Modification – Increase Weapon ATK in proportion to a number of Fable Slots.
  • Impregnable Fortress Amulet (Motivity) – Weapon Durability is not consumed after successful Guard.
  • Dancing One’s Amulet (Technique) – enables dodging on low Stamina.

Finally, there are underrated Amulets such as the Carrier’s (increased Weight Load) which is great for those middle-of-the-road in Lies of P as you are grinding to improve your Build. This allows players to focus on Vigor, Vitality, and Motivity/Technique instead of dishing out Ergo to stats such as Capacity in an attempt to make a more balanced Build. If you need an extra boost in a particular department the Strength (+4 Motivity) and Technique (+4 Technique) Amulets offer buffs for your Build if you were looking to temporarily gain damage for specific Lies of P Bosses as it offers +4 Levels where farming Ergo would be needed instead of.

Where to Get the Best Amulets in Lies of P – Locations

The above demonstrates a summary of why those chosen are the best in Lies of P based on where you currently are in the game. Each combination or recommendation of a specific Amulet is based on your Build, the Bosses you are up against, and your current Level based on the amount of Ergo you have used. Regardless of your Build however, you will note that some are better than others when it comes to retaining health, surviving for longer, and being able to reposition or Guard in crucial moments of a fight. You can find each of these Amulets at these locations:

  • Life Amulet (early game) – Inside the House Elysion Boulevard Stargazer.
  • Puppet Destroyer Amulet (early game) – Outside Scrapped Watchman Arena in Krat City Hall.
  • Assassin’s Amulet (early game/ Motivity) – Arche Abbey Upper Part – Internal Bridge Stargazer
  • Conquering (Motivity) – Trade King’s Flame Ergo for Amulet with Alidoro or Explorer Hugo.
  • Impregnable Fortress (Motivity) – Trade Sad Zealot’s Ergo for Amulet with Alidoro or Explorer Hugo.
  • Dancing One’s Amulet (Technique) – Trade Parade Leader’s Ergo for Amulet with Alidoro or Explorer Hugo.
  • Patience Amulet (Technique) – Malum District, found on carcass body.
  • Piercing Hatred Amulet (Technique) – Trade Nameless Puppet’s Ergo for Amulet with Alidoro or Explorer Hugo.
  • Extreme Modifications Amulet – Trade Broken Hero’s Ergo for Amulet with Alidoro or Explorer Hugo.
  • Awakened God’s Amulet – Trade Fallen One’s Ergo for Amulet with Alidoro or Explorer Hugo.
  • Nameless One’s Amulet (end game) – Trade Twisted Angel’s Ergo for Amulet with Alidoro or Explorer Hugo.
  • Recharged Amulet (end game) – Past the Mad Clown Puppet in the Tower of Barren Swamp.

Those were our recommendations for the best Amulets to use in Lies of P, from start to finish, based on your chosen Build. We hope this article helped you in deciding what Amulet to equip for Pinocchio. For other Soulslike games, we recommend you try out Lunacid and Remnant 2. Give our Facebook page a follow if you are interested in reading more from us.

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