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How to Kill the Green Shield Boss in Lies Of P?

The challenge of Mini Bosses catch me by surprise every time
Lies of P St. Feangelico Cathedral
Image via Neowiz Games/ Round 8 Studio

The route inside the Cathedral is a winding path filled with light platforming, ambushing zombie-like foes and secrets to explore. As with every distinct location for Lies of P comes the Mini Boss that feels inevitable to fight. Whilst these offer great rewards such as Star Fragments, Quartz and Equipment for Pinocchio, most are usually optional (such as the Survivor). However, the Mini Boss (Green Shield Boss) located in the Cathedral entrance is one that you must face. But with its own unique move set and ability to switch between defensive and offensive attacks marks a true foe that offers an absolute challenge (especially if you are under-levelled).

I can safely say that the Green Shield Boss put up a hell of a fight in my own playthrough where my Technique Build appeared to do little damage to him, making the fight more about patience than staggering and using Crit ATK to make an impact. You must kill this Boss if you want to get into the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library to find the next Main Boss – Fallen Archbishop Andreus. If you are struggling like I did to take the Green Shield Boss out to progress, this is Vincent’s guide on how to easily defeat this Mini Boss in Lies of P, regardless of your Build.

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Best Way to Defeat the Green Shield Boss in Lies of P

There are multiple ways to take the Green Shield Boss on but we highly recommend going for his weakness of Fire. Once you have used everything you have against him with Fire Throwables atop the ladder in the room, head down to face him and take note of his arm at all times. Switching between defense with the shield and morphing it into a mallet-shaped weapon when he feels threatened, you only need to watch what move he is about to use by observing his right hand at all times.

When he is charging, run away and try to get behind him. Use that small window of opportunity to get a few slashes into his back. Retreat or guard from his brute weapon attacks and repeat the cycle until he is taken out.

When he is charging, be sure to run away from him, utilizing the door you entered through to your advantage as he cannot go through it. This offers a way to easily beat the Boss by going through the entrance door whenever he is charging; especially towards the end of the fight where his health is particularly low.

What is the Green Shield Boss’s Weakness?

Lies of P often rely on experimenting with Imbuement, Consumables, and Throwables in a fight to make a significant impact in favor of Pinocchio. There is a lot of trial and error when fighting this Boss but an incredibly important factor to take into account is the Green Shield’s weakness. The weakness you need to use against him is Fire.

If you have any Throwables or Items to imbue your sword that causes explosive, fiery damage onto the Boss, then that is the way to go. Utilize the environment in front of you by ascending the ladder in the room and equip your Fire Items to throw at the Boss. This will deal an incredible amount of damage which is recommended at the beginning of the fight as he cannot reach you atop the ladder.

Green Shield Boss Combat Guide

As mentioned above, you should have expended all of your Fire Items (Thermites) on the Green Shield Boss at the beginning of the fight by using the ladder to evade any attacks. Now that you have dealt a ton of damage, you can either use a Fire Canister (although its range is incredibly limited), Fire Abrasive, Flamberge (Legion Arm), or Fire Grindstone depending on what you have to deal further critical damage. Depending on what weapon you have will determine your ability to guard, parry, or dodge the Green Shield’s moves.

If you are more comfortable blocking, you will want to use this when the Boss is using its mallet fist after charging. This will allow you to get in a few hits and some health back after successfully blocking.

In case you do not trust yourself to block efficiently, you can opt to dodge away from charged attacks and hammer swings that the Boss will take. This is the method I used. Run when the Boss is charging at you with its shield in front of his face as you will not be able to do anything in terms of outputting damage when he is using this move. Instead, wait for the charge to end, get behind him, and lay in a couple of hits.

I recommend either using 1 charged attack and backing away or letting out a 2-3 basic attack combo into his back. Repeat the cycle of backing away from the charged attack, moving to his open back when his charged attack animation is towards the end, hitting him with a combo, and repeat.

As mentioned above, be sure to use the ladder and door when you can. The ladder is helpful at the beginning of the fight, whilst the door offers a way to get away from him safely, where his back will be completely open to attacks for a brief period of time before he initiates the fight with you once again. Remain patient with this fight as your weapon may not be powerful enough at this point in time to deal a ton of damage in a single combo.

A stagger may not be possible for this fight so focus on hitting the Green Shield Boss when there is a window of opportunity to fight. This fight requires more patience and defense rather than full-blown attacks.

That was our full guide on how to defeat the Green Shield Boss to get into the main part of the St. Frangelico Cathedral in Lies of P. For more Lies of P content, we offer best Motivity Weapons and Amulets to use in your playthrough. Be sure to follow Gamer Journalist on Facebook if you are interested in seeing more from us. Thank you for reading this guide, we hope it proved helpful.

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