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Lies of P has developed a bit of a name for itself as being the hardest Souls-like game ever to exist. Even the Devs have some self-awareness in place for the game’s difficulty in that they have provided players with the iconic Specter, a friendly AI that aids players against all Main Bosses in Lies of P. At the same time, I was a little hesitant about this guy at first in my own playthrough. What with all of the face-planting into every Boss and inability to dodge, roll, or block a single shot, I began to like that white-haired Specter as time went on. Everything changed with the introduction of the Wishstone, and because of this, I began looking for the best spots to farm Star Fragments, but the search was not an easy one.

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The Star Fragment is the only thing you need to call upon the Specter’s help in Lies of P. It is used as currency to call the Specter into the Boss fight before you enter the arena and past the classic veil that provides a safety net over you before you enter back into the chaos. Every time you use the Star Fragment Bowl beside the Boss Arena, you will lose that Fragment. Therefore, you should take precautions and put on that serious game face so that you do not waste those precious Star Fragments. This is Vincent’s guide on the best locations to farm Star Fragments in Lies of P.

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Where to Farm Star Fragments in Lies of P?

Before we state where we recommend visiting in your Star Fragments hunt, you should implement the Moon Phase Pocketwatch, which you have in your Bag at all times throughout your playthrough. This should be used every time you have completed the farming route for each location in Lies of P. The Pocketwatch will bring you back to the last used Stargazer. In the hunt for Star Fragments, you have various methods to use to farm this Specter currency. We recommend Krat City Hall, Path of the Pilgrim (first-time farming route), and Giangio’s Shop.

It is known that Star Fragments are primarily obtained off Mini-Bosses that do not have a name to their health bar. These are some of the most powerful enemies in the area and are typically found close to the Main Boss Arena. However, many of these Bosses de-spawn after killing them the first time, such as inside the Frangelico Cathedral Library, Venigni Works Control Room, and Path of the Pilgrim. We highly recommend that you take on any Mini-Bosses you come across that do not have a name tied to them.

While other and equally Optional Bosses such as the Mad Clown Puppet or Survivor also offer Star Fragments, these are much harder to defeat than the lower-leveled Mini-Bosses you come across before a core Lies of P location or Boss Arena.

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For first-timers, I found great success with the Path of the Pilgrim. This offered a ton of Star Fragment rewards on basic enemies and Mini-Bosses that are found scattered on route in this location. You can pick up 4 Star Fragments guaranteed simply by taking on and defeating every Mini-Boss on route before the next Lies of P Stargazer. There is a Mini-Boss here, which we highlight above, that does not de-spawn and guarantees a Star Fragment drop. He is also surrounded by enemies where you can both farm Ergo and increase those drop rate chances for Star Fragments if you repeat the route by using the Pocketwatch.

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It sounds crazy, but I highly recommend the Krat City Hall when you are desperate for a Star Fragment. The headless puppet right outside of the Krat City Courtyard drops a Star Fragment 9 times out of 10. Whilst it is not a farming route per se, it is a simple method to farm Star Fragments as this enemy is found close to the Stargazer and can be easily killed, especially as you progress through those Ergo Levels.

How to Buy Star Fragments?

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Finally, while it is not precisely a farming method, you can pick up a ton of Star Fragments from Giangio. You must, however, meet Giangio first in Path of Misery. Follow on to the St. Frangelico’s Cathedral Chapel and finally at Hotel Krat (west wing).

To get to Giangio via Hotel Krat, you must first defeat the Eldest Member in the Black Rabbit Brotherhood inside Malum District Town Hall. Upon doing so, head into the building opposite the Stargazer and use the elevator to the upper level. You will find Giangio for the third time here, where he will open his shop for you to spend Gold Fruit Coin with him in exchange for Star Fragments.

That was our guide on the best places to farm Star Fragments in Lies of P. For more Lies of P content, see our How to Execute a Fatal Attack in Lies of P or How to Get ‘Feel’ Record in Lies of P? Feel free to check out our Facebook for more from Gamer Journalist. Thank you for reading this guide.

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