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All Secret Weapons and How to Get Them in Remnant 2 – Hand Gun Edition

Never leave the Hand Gun in the holster
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When thinking of the perfect Build in Remnant 2, your mind may not be going to powerful Hand Guns as your primary. Although the side piece of the Gunslinger is something to be in awe of, the Hand Guns available in the game can actually provide decent damage with the right Weapon Mod equipped. Others provide great weakspot damage that should be utilized when coming up with a Build better suited to highly mobile Classes such as the Invader, Hunter or Handler. The Hand Gun may be best suited towards the Hunter for its mobility and weakspot damage buffs it provides. But what Hand Gun is best to search for? With a total of 56 secret weapons to find and 12 of these being special Hand Guns, this is Vincent’s guide on where to find all secret Hand Guns in Remnant 2.

All 12 Secret Hand Guns to Unlock in Remnant 2 – Unlock Guide

Having only 12 Hand Guns to find in Remnant 2, the search for these may be these are more about puzzle solving that defeating specific bosses. Because of this, you may have better luck in locating the unique items needed for crafting the Hand Gun with McCabe in Ward 13 or finding it after solving the all-important puzzle. The special Hand Guns may be a good place to start at the beginning of your playthrough if you are going for a fast-paced Build that can poke from a mid-range whilst being able to evade enemies if they get to close and search for that weakspot damage to counter.

Listed below are the location and unlocking requirements you will need to follow in order to pick up each of these special Hand Guns scattered throughout the Remnant world. These cannot simply be purchased in Ward 13, you must find the corresponding unique item that can be used to craft the Hand Gun. Others can simply be found on the floor as loot indicated by its item beam to interact, however the steps to finding it are not as simply written down on this article. This guide shows a summary of each step for unlocking the special Hand Gun. We recommend that when searching for these unique items or special Hand Guns as floor loot, you pay close attention to the World Level and do not risk going for gold when you are too low in your Power Level to search for these.

If you are looking for our recommendations for the best Hand Guns to use, see here. We also have guides for special Long Guns and Melee Weapons if you are interested in reading these for their locations. Now let’s get into where you can find all 12 Hand Guns in Remnant 2.

Where to Find All Secret Hand Guns

WeaponLocationUnique ItemUnlocking Steps
Bolt DriverForgotten GroveUse ‘14025030‘ to solve the Water Harp puzzle in Forgotten Grove, Yaesha.
Cube GunThe LabyrinthConflux PrismDefeat the Labyrinth Sentinel inside the Labyrinth to get the Prism and craft the Cube Gun with McCabe in Ward 13.
Double BarrelMorrow ParishUse code ‘2971‘ to unlock the safe inside the Doctor’s Office of the Asylum to get the Double Barrel.
EnigmaThe LabyrinthCipher RodWatch the Portal inside The Labyrinth that intermittently changes. Enter once you see an opportunity to free fall and land on a platform. You will find the Cipher Rod here to craft the Enigma at Ward 13 with McCabe.
HellfireAshen WastelandInside Ashen Wasteland, Root Earth, head to the final area upon final the last checkpoint. Find the flipped truck in the vehicle area that you need to get to, to find the Hellfire underneath.
MeridianGreat Sewers/ Tiller’s Rest/ Harvester’s ReachDestroy the barricade blocking the tunnel atop the staircase and head through to see the Flooded Sewer Event that requires you to defeat the enemies to open the pipe and flood the room. Continue exploring and return to the room an hour later for the room to be filled with water where the Meridian can be picked up.
MP60-RWard 13Cargo Control KeyObtain the Cargo Control Key from unlocking the chest using your flashlight code etched on the bottom (‘0415‘). The chest is inside Ford’s Office in Ward 13. With the Key follow the passage through the cargo container area until you reach a locked door in the shipwreck. The MP60-R can be found inside this room.
NebulaForgotten PrisonSpiced BileGo to the Forgotten Prison in N’erud to fight Tal Ratha. Choose the ‘Uh, No. Thank you” dialogue option before the fight. You will get the Spiced Bile by defeating her, which can then be used to craft the Nebula in Ward 13 via McCabe.
Rune PistolGreat HallRavenous MedallionObtain the Medallion by entering the Great Hall for its corresponding quest. Find the Soulkey Tribute inside the Asylum and head to the Tormented Asylum. Use the Medallion on the web to get the Rune Pistol.
Rupture CannonVault of the FormlessInside the Vault of the Formless in N’erud find the area with the pods and enter the rotating structure. Wait inside for a hidden tunnel to appear. Head through and find the House Lythla Glyph quest item. Use this item to unlock the chamber at the end of this passage to find the Rupture Cannon.
SorrowKaeula’s RestLocate the Tear of Kaeula ring in Kaeula’s Rest, Yaesha, to find the Kaeula’s Shadow boss fight. In this area you can find Meidra to exchange the ring for the Sorrow.
Star ShotDark Conduit in Eon Vault/ Timeless HorizonYou need to wait for the Coffin Pod Event to begin by looking for the spaceship inside the pop in front of the control panel in the Eon Vault or Timeless Horizon. Once there, enter the Dark Conduit and restore power to the spaceship by completing the dungeon. Return to the pod and use the control panel. Interact with the remaining pods (5) with red flickering lights and return to the control panel to collect the Star Shot.

We hope this guide was helpful for the search for all secret Hand Guns. Be sure to see our latest guides on Remnant 2 over at Gamer Journalist here. Thank you for reading this guide.

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