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All Secret Weapons and How to Get Them in Remnant 2 – Melee Weapon Edition

Finding the perfect weapon for you
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Although the Challenger offers something that is worth against the vast majority of enemies that you will face in the apocalyptic setting of Remnant 2, the majority of Archetypes in the game do not provide you with a decent handheld weapon. If you are looking to get in your opponents face, there is a ton of options in the melee category. Choices are to be made for your perfect Build, based upon your Archetype’s skill set and the weapon you decide fits the mould you have created. Some weapons may suit your playstyle better, whilst others can feel wrong in your grasp. With a total of 56 weapons to find through exploration, crafting and completing a set of steps that most have found through trial and error, you can build up your arsenal and increase the boundaries between yourself and your character. Find that perfect Build and get your hands on some goodies that feel great mid-swing. This is Vincent’s guide on where to find all secret Melee Weapons in Remnant 2.

All 26 Secret Melee Weapons to Unlock in Remnant 2 – Unlock Guide

With a total of 26 Melee Weapons to find, the quest to pull the right sword out of the stone is a journey just as long as grinding for the Build that feels right for you. For those playing more evasive Builds that demand control and perfect movement, the right Melee Weapon will transform your game. Although we recommend those getting into Melee Weapons to try the Challenger Archetype first due to its starting weapon, you will find a ton of options that suit the faster paced action and close-quarter combat for Archetypes such as – Summoner, Invader or Gunslinger.

Each secret weapon can be unlocked either through defeating specific bosses to get the weapon’s unique item to craft at Ward 13 with McCabe or by finding it using the steps laid out on the table below. Each portray the exact location where you can find each weapon or the steps to craft it, but do keep in mind that getting these aren’t as simple as it is laid out. Remember that your Power Level and World Level is incredibly important and to get some of the best weapons in the game, you should not go all-in on exploring different worlds if you are not ready for it. We recommend when searching for these weapons that you play offline so that the World Level is based off your overall Power Level.

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Where to Find All Secret Melee Weapons

WeaponLocationUnique ItemUnlocking Steps
Assassin’s DaggerCouncil ChamberCosmetic Assassin’s DaggerComplete the Council Chamber Quest in Losomn by finding the mirror to another dimension and completing the puzzle for the Assassin’s Dagger inside the throne room. Exchange this Dagger with the real Dagger by talking to Nimue.
Atom SmasherTerminus StationGo to Terminus Station in N’erud by completing Hatchery Dungeon in Phantom Wasteland. Enter the train and survive until the last stp. Activate the Fast Travel point on the other side and follow the linear path until you find a ladder you need to climb. Follow this new path to find the purple colored room that you need to enter and find a platform that you can jump down to for the Atom Smasher pick up.
Atom SplitterVault of FormlessYou need to find the mechanical arm in this area which you can jump onto and off once the upper platform is reachable. Follow the platforms path to find the Atom Splitter.
Blade of GulBloodmoon AltarBlood Moon EssenceRequires x10 Blood Moon Essence to exchange at the Bloodmoon Altar for the Blade of Gul.
Bone ChopperLosomnAlchemist ArchetypeThe Bone Chopper can be obtained by unlocking the Alchemmist Archetype or finding the small lift inside Losomn after completing the Feast Event where the Bone Chopper can be found in a room after taking the lift.
Decayed ClawsCorrupted HarborFind the Fast Travel point/ checkpoint near the stairs of Corrupted Harbor and look opposite to it for the Decayed Claws glowing indicator. Use the roots to get to the weapon and pick it up.
DreamcatcherMorrow ParishNightweaver Stone DollComplete the Nightweaver Stone Doll quest inside the Asylum to unlock the Tormented Asylum. Find the x3 Stone Carved Dolls in Asylum to input the door code of ‘2971‘ and find the Dreamcatcher inside the unlocked cell.
Edge of the ForestImperial GardensFound on the edge of the Imperial Gardens in Yaesha.
Feral JudgementRavager’s LairRavager’s MawFace and defeat the Corrupted Ravager in his Lair in Yaesha. Make sure that you stop him from eating the Doe. This will give you the Ravager’s Maw to craft Feral Judgement in Ward 13 with McCabe.
Gas GiantN’erudAcidic JawboneFind Tal Ratha in N’erud and let her eat you. You will be transported to another dimension to defeat the Tal Ratha here. Doing so will give you the Acidic Jawbone which can be used at McCabe’s store in Ward 13.
GodsplitterMalefic PalaceMedled HiltFind and defeat Faerin in Malefic Palace in Losomn. You will get the Medled Hilt to give to McCabe in Ward 13 to craft the Godsplitter.
Huntress SpearIronboroughVenerated SpearheadDefeat the Huntress in Ironborough, Losomn. Craft the Huntress Spear using the newly obtained Spearhead with McCabe in Ward 13.
Iron GreatswordWard 13Challenger ArchetypeThe Iron Greatsword is the Challenger starting weapon but it can also be purchased from Brabus in Ward 13.
Krell AxeEnduria’s EndFind Enduria’s End in Yaesha and enter the booby-trapped rooms behind the walls. The Krell Axe can be found next to a skeleton.
Labyrinth StaffThe LabyrinthInside The Labyrinth go left from the Shifting Portal and across the broken bridge to find the Bastion boss which you will need to defeat to obtain the Labyrinth Staff as an achievement drop.
NightshadeMorrow ParishNightweaver’s FingerDefeat the Nightweaver in Morrow Parish, Losomn by hitting critical shots against her heart when she is summoning spiders into the fight. The Finger can then be used in Ward 13 with McCabe.
Ornate BladeCouncil ChamberOrnate Blade is given to you after successfully finding the traitor in the Fae Council Event in Losomn.
Ornate FlailCouncil ChamberFound inside the Council Chamber in Losomn. Find the room with gold statues and paintings. Destroy the painting that can be found on the right-hand side which will reveal a secret path. The Flail can be found in one of these secret rooms.
Rebellion SpearForbidden GroveThe Rebellion Spear is obtained by talking to Bedel of the Vaunnt in the Forbidden Grove after rescuing the Doe from Ravager in his Lair.
Red Doe StaffRavager’s LairDoe’s AntlerDefeat the Ravager and heal the Doe. You will get the Doe’s Antler to craft the Red Doe Staff with McCabe in Ward 13.
Royal BroadswordRed ThroneFind the Red Throne in Yaesha and lose to the Empress Guards. You will be transported to the prison in the Arrest Event where the Royal Broadsword can be found in the new location.
Spectral BladeSentinel’s KeepEidolon ShardGo to Sentinel’s Keep in N’erud and defeat Sha’Hala who will drop the Shard. Take this to McCabe in Ward 13 to craft the Spectral Blade.
StonebreakerGreat BoleHollow HeartFind and defeat the Corrupter in Great Bole but leave the Guardian alive. You will get the Acidic Jawbone which can be used at Ward 13 with McCabe.
Vice GripsAbyssal RiftDrop down into the hole at the entrance of Custodian’s Temple in Abyssal Rift, N’erud to find Drzyr Replicator to craft the Vice Grips.
Hero’s SwordExplorer ArchetypeBeat Remnant 2 on Nightmare Difficulty for Explorer Archetype and this weapon which can be purchased from Brabus in Ward 13.
SmolderBeat Remnant 2 on Apocalypse to purchase the Smolder from Brabus in Ward 13.

That was our full guide on where to find all secret Melee Weapons in Remnant 2. We hope this guide was helpful. For more on this game, see all GJ articles written here. We have a lot more content where that came from so be sure to stay on the lookout for the latest guides, found here.

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