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RPGs house so many secrets that it is incredibly tough to keep track of. With secret Archetypes, weapons and gear to find through solving puzzles or by looking literally underneath your nose, Remnant 2 will keep you so busy uncovering its secrets that you forget all about its bosses and grinding for that ultimate build. For those looking to get a great weapon early, regardless of what Archetype was picked at the beginning of your playthrough, the MP60-R can be found incredibly early on (so long as you get to Ward 13 in good time). This is Vincent’s guide on where to find and use the Cargo Control Key in Remnant 2.

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Cargo Control Key Location

The Cargo Control Key may be something that you stumble upon in your exploration of the Ward 13. Upon finding all of the Vendors that offer you new gear and upgrades to keep you busy, alongside a method to get a new ‘character’ via the second Archetype with Wallace, players may find secrets in the exploration of this area. After all, Remnant 2 is no stranger to housing secrets inside its apocalyptic world. The Cargo Control Key is just one of the many secrets that are harbored inside the world of Remnant and what’s worse, the code combination needed to unlock the Ford Chest inside Ward 13 has actually been by your side all along. Players need to inspect the Flashlight that they would have equipped since the beginning of the game. On the bottom of the light you will find a four digit code etched into its base.

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If you have not found Ford’s Chest which is appropriately located inside his Office, players need to head up the stairs from the World Stone in Ward 13. Ford’s Office is in the final room, located in the central aisle and just before the back wall of Ward 13’s Sector. Input the Chest Code – 0415 to get the Cargo Control Key.

Once you have the Cargo Key in hand, you need to head to the backside of Ward 13 and walk past the Docks (where Wallace is located). You need to walk to the very end of the scrapyard area where gas tanks and containers stacked upon one another can be found. Follow the route all the way through until you are in an underground section of the scrapyard which is actually the destroyed entrance to a ship. At the very end of this route, you will find a singular door in which the Cargo Key can be used from your Inventory to unlock. Inside, players can obtain the MP60-R SMG which is a great option to switch to at the earliest portion of Remnant 2.

That was our guide on where to find and use the Cargo Control Key for the MP60-R SMG in Remnant 2. If you are looking for more Remnant guides, see here. Feel free to check out more on the latest video game coverage at Gamer Journalist here. Thank you for reading, we hope this guide was useful.

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