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All Secret Weapons and How to Get Them in Remnant 2 – Long Gun Edition

So many secret weapons await just outside of your grasp
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No one should limit themselves to the confinements of the starting Archetype weapon. Unless you are a Challenger I might add. Although Brabus in Ward 13 offer a ton of weapons for players to get started with, there are more that can be found through exploration or crafted with McCabe using its unique item. But where can you find these crafting materials? What event do you need to trigger in order to obtain a lone weapon, ready and willing to be wielded by you? With 56 secret weapons to find, unlock and craft, the road to 100% completion and finding that ultimate Build to show off to your friends is a winding path but one that is incredibly rewarding. For those looking to obtain all secret weapons in this Souls-like, this is Vincent’s guide on where to find all secret Long Guns in Remnant 2.

All 18 Secret Long Guns to Unlock in Remnant 2 – Weapon Unlock Guide

With 18 secret Long Gun weapons to find and try out for your sharpshooting Build, there is a lot to explore in Remnant 2. Locating these inside a randomized world with everchanging rules, different bosses for each area and World Levels to be wary of, the route to nabbing some of these weapons for yourself may be a tricky one. Whilst most weapons outlined below can indeed be found in the exact location we state, the route to getting them may be different for you in the sense that finding the exact area within the world you are exploring may require fast travelling and world resets in order to find.

Keep in mind that this guide is outlining the weapons you can find within the game world such as, as pickups, enemy drops or stumbled upon by exploring the way of the land. It also hightlights unique items that you need to find to craft the corresponding secret weapon with. A lot of great weapons can be crafted with McCabe inside Ward 13, meaning that you need more than enough Lumenite Crystals and Scrap to complete the crafting process.

When finding the secret weapons, be mindful of your Power Level and World Level. Most of these secret weapons are found in areas that require a higher Level in order to explore and defeat any enemies that way come your way. You do not want to commit to finding one of the best weapons in the game after only just starting your playthrough. Keep that in mind as we outline each location for the secret Long Guns.

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Where to Find All Secret Long Guns

WeaponLocationUnique ItemUnlocking Steps
Alpha-OmegaForgotten MemoryDefeat the final boss and use the Forgotten Memory at Ward 13 with McCabe to get the Alpha-Omega.
AphelionTimeless HorizonVoid CinderUse the elevators in the tower lit by a blue beam. You need to find a set of 3 elevators that go up, up and then back down. The Pin can be obtained in the final room of the hall. Be sure to insert the Pin inside the diamond-shaped hole before defeating Sha’Hala in order to get the Void Cinder. Head back to Ward 13 and use the Cinder to craft the Aphelion with McCabe.
Chicago TypewriterFractured IngressBiome Portal KeyObtain the Biome Portal Key from The Keeper. Head to Fractured Ingress via Entangled Gauntlet in The Labyrinth. Instead of going forward, turn around to see another portal that you can enter. Defeat the enemies in the area and enter the next portal. There will be a cube boss you need to defeat and then climb up atop the stones to keep heading forward. Climb up and over the platform with the portal and crouch and continue forward to find a gold door that needs the Portal Key to unlock. This will take you back to Ward 13 for the Typewriter.
Crescent Moon BowRetreat’s HorizonDreamcatcher/ Anamy’s EchoUse the Dreamcatcher on the sleeping Nimue to obtain her Dream. Equip and use to access Retreat’s Horizon. Anamy’s Echo can be found here that you will need to take back to Ward 13 and use to craft the Moon Bow with McCabe.
CrossbowImperial GardensYou need to solve the Plinth Puzzle to get into the underground vault of the Gardens to find the Crossbow.
DeceitBeatific PalaceImposter’s HeartDefeat Faelin inside the Beatific Palace of Losomn to obtian the Imposter’s Heart. Use this at Ward 13 with McCabe to create the Deceit.
Ford’s ScattergunThe Red ThroneSeal of the EmpressGo to Red Throne in Yaesha and kneel at the Empress to get the Seal of the Empress. Go to the library area in the Red Throne and equip the ring whilst standing in the centre of the room. This will open a underground area where the Scattergun can be found.
MercilessRavager’s LairCrimson MembraneLet the Ravager consume the Doe in the fight and then defeat him. You will get the Crimson Membrane which can be crafted into the Merciless at McCabe’s store in Ward 13.
NightsfallMorrow ParishCursed Dream SilksDefeat the Nightweaver inside the Tormented Abyss. Make sure that you do not shoot her heart when she summons in the spiders mid-fight. This will give you the Cursed Dream Silks as the item drop for killing her. Take it back to Ward 13 and craft the weapon at McCabe’s store.
Plasma CutterTimeless Horizon/ Eon VaultNavigator’s HelmFollow the sound of the siren and located the underground area where the sound is coming from. Defeat the enemies inside to get the Helm. Go to Eon Vault and equip the Helm to enter the pod and gain access to where the Plasma Cutter is stored.
Pulse RifleTerminus Station/ Dormant N’Erudian Facility/ Abyssal RiftDecorum Cipher and Memory Core IIFind the Cipher at the Terminus Station and Core II from Dormant N’Erudian Facility. With these two items, go to Abyssal Rift and drop into the hole at the Custodian’s Temple. Insert these items on the left-hand side to get the Pulse Rifle.
Royal Hunting BowPostulant’s ParlorBeat the statue in Tic-Tac-Toe inside Postulant’s Parlor in Losomn to get the Royal Hunting Bow as a reward/
Sagittarius Cathedral of OmensSolve the Lever Puzzle in the Cathedral of Omens in Yaesha. The order you need for lever pulling is: Middle-3, Left-5, Right-1. Next, Middle-4, Left-1, Right-3. Then Middle-3, Left-2 and Right-4 to get the Sagittarius.
Twisted ArbalestThe Red ThroneTwisted LazuriteDefeat the Guardian and then the Corrupter (in this order) inside the Red Throne of Yaesha. This will give you the Twisted Lazurite which can be used to craft the Twisted Arbalest in Ward 13 with McCabe.
StarkillerWard 13Beat the game on Apocalypse difficulty and head to Brabus afterwards in Ward 13 to purchase Starkiller.
SaviorWard 13Beat the game on Hardcore Veteran difficulty and head to Brabus afterwards in Ward 13 to purchase Savior.
SporebloomWard 13Beat the game on Veteran difficulty and head to Brabus afterwards in Ward 13 to purchase Sporebloom.
RepulsorWard 13Beat the game on Nightmare difficulty and head to Brabus afterwards in Ward 13 to purchase Repulsor.

That was our full guide on how to unlock every secret Long Gun weapon in Remnant 2. We hope this guide was useful. If any more secret weapons are uncovered, be sure to visit this story once more for a new entry and location to be added. Thank you for reading. If you are looking for more Remnant 2 guides, see here.

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