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Best Handguns in Remnant 2

Find the ideal handgun for yourself with a bit of help from us!
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Playing RPG games such as Remnant 2 where you can customize your character’s build to the smallest detail always drive us into a spiral of finding the absolute best gear for ourselves. And who can blame us? It’s only natural that you want your character to melt the enemies in front of him and get that satisfactory feeling when you combo up a couple of weapons/skills that allow you to deal massive and devastating damage.

In our article, we will go through the best handguns in Remnant 2 that can help you in your task of murdering absolutely everything that jumps in front of your face. Hop in to learn more.

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Top Handguns in Remnant 2

Handguns are to Long Guns what Robin is to Batman. Even if they might not always get the spotlight in Remnant 2, that doesn’t discourage us from creating a top list of these awesome firearms. You shouldn’t disregard the fact that they do take one of the three slots of your character and can get you through some pretty tough situations if you know how to use them wisely.

There is a total of 19 handguns in the game and we decided to break them down to the top 5 we would pick for any class. Keep reading to find out what we picked and why!

Western Classic

If you’re a fan of Westerns and Clint Eastwood’s style of murdering your enemies then this handgun is ideal for you! Jokes aside, Western Classic does pack a serious punch with its 105% weak spot damage bonus. If you’re an experienced FPS player who doesn’t have an issue hitting small hitboxes on enemies then Western Classic will be a force to be reckoned with in your hands.

You will get this weapon for free as a starting one when playing with Gunslinger Archetype. In case you’re playing a different class you will need to spend a 1000x Scrap at Brabus to get it.


When you opt-in for Nebula, you are looking at a handgun that is created for clearing close to mid-range enemies in a damage-over-time (DoT) style. It is a gun that fires a stream of hot acid at enemies causing them to burn with an added Corroded effect. Targets that die while under this effect leave behind a gas cloud that lasts 2 seconds and can affect other enemies.

Nebula’s weapon mod is called Nano Swarm and allows you to release a swarm of Nanomachines that individually attack enemies they find and deal extra Acid damage to them. If you increase status duration effects Nebula gun can be a monster in your hands that will wreak havoc on your enemies.

You can get Nebula by crafting it at McCabe. The materials you’re going to need are 650x Scrap, 1x Spiced Bile, and 7x Lumenite Crystal. You can get Spiced Bile from a drop by Tal Ratha and you’ll get Lumenite Crystal from either an Abberation or Elite enemy drop, from Cass for 300x Scrap, or at Ward 13.

Sorrow Gun

Sorrow Gun is actually a small crossbow with some interesting features. This mid to long-range handgun weapon allows you to recall its bolts once they have hit the enemy. This in turn deals extra damage to the enemy and heals you for 2% of your Max Health. The recalled bolts can in addition overfill Sorrow by up to +5.

This gun has proven to be pretty useful in plenty of combat situations where you need to survive for a long time and lack access to any reliable healing. The damage might not be the highest but it’s solid for a weapon of this type.

You can get the Sorrow Gun from Kaeula’s Rest. Once you locate a statue with a glowing ring in front of it, and pick up that ring you will be pulled into the ground and a boss fight with Kaeula’s Shadow will occur. After beating the boss you need to equip the Tear of Kaeula’s ring that you find and head out to the giant tree in Dappled Glade checkpoint. There, talk to Meidra that will ask you a series of questions. When she brings up the Tear of Kaeula ring you select the option where you want to give the ring to her. For that decision, she will reward you with the Sorrow Gun.


The Enigma gun is quite a unique one and is the best handgun for dealing with large groups of enemies. It fires an electrical stream that connects the enemy you’ve hit to a nearby enemy dealing damage and applying the Overloaded effect.

Enigma’s one-of-a-kind ability, called Chaos Driver, allows you to further boost its main strongpoint by connecting multiple enemies in a 10m radius with electrical rods. These rods can be fired either on the enemy or on the ground and will automatically connect to nearby enemies and last 10 seconds. Even though this weapon lacks a weak spot damage bonus and has a -10 % Crit chance, it is still an amazing tool in the hands of an experienced player.

Acquiring Enigma won’t be too hard. You can craft it at McCab with 1x Cipher Rod, 650x Scrap, and 7x Lumenite Crystal. Lumenite Crystal can be found as a drop from Elite enemies or Abberations or from Cass for 300x Scrap while the Cipher Rod will be a bit more difficult to find. To acquire the Cipher Rod you will need to go to the Labyrinth and approach its switching-worlds portal. Wait in front of the portal until you see a warp-like image with infinite space in front of you. Jump in and proceed to explore the area and kill all enemies you encounter. Once you’ve done that you will be able to see the Cipher Rod standing behind a pillar.

Cube Gun

The Cube Gun is a quite interesting and unique weapon. This handgun gives you infinite ammo, so you can always count on it when you’re on lengthy missions that spend most of your primary weapon ammunition. The ammo you fire from Cube Gun isn’t actually any sort of bullet ammo, but instead small cubes that once they damage the enemy, come back to your gun. In practice, this means that you’ll have to wait for the ammo to get back to your gun longer when you’re shooting at a distant target. For this reason, the weapon is best for mid to close-range targets.

Even though the Cube Gun can enable you to fire it continuously, it can overheat and stop firing so pay attention to that. Its second characteristic that you can use is the Cube Shield. This shield wall absorbs up to 500 damage and lasts for 15 seconds. When you press the activate button of the shield again, the gun will fire the shield slowly in the direction you’re facing dealing damage to everyone in its path. The damage that the Cube Shield will deal depends on how much damage it absorbed up until that point.

To get the Cube Gun, you’ll need to go to the Labyrinth’s final area and face the boss called the Labyrinth Sentinel. The way to beat this boss is to shoot at the lights on the big cube. Once you’ve shot them all the boss will be defeated. But, even if it sounds easy, trust us that this challenge is quite complex.

We hope we helped you pick your ideal handgun! For more Remnant 2 content see Remnant 2 – How to Find All Keys and Unlock Locked Doors and Can You Have Multiple Characters in Remnant 2. Join Gamer Journalist on Facebook and see what new guides we have in store for you!

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