How to Get Past the Web and Into the Tortured Asylum of Losomn in Remnant 2

The hunt for various keys
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From locked or blocked from the other side doors to creatures standing in your way, Gunfire love putting obstacles in your way. In the search for the Losomn bosses in Remnant 2, you may find yourself going face first into a ton of cobwebs and no one wants that. But these impenetrable webs cannot be beaten by your bullets, no matter how rare or powerful your weapon appears. To see more of what Losomn has in store for you, getting past this web is your top priority but as there are not just one but two strange webs to deal with, the finding of the specific item you need can get confusing if you do not correlate it to a web opening mechanic in the game (because who would?). This is Vincent’s guide on how to get past the strange webs to open the Tortured Asylum in Remnant 2.

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What to Use on the Strange Webs in Losomn

Getting into the Tortured Asylum is something that not many players would want to do, given its title and all but to complete the given quest of locating the Soulkey Tribute, players will need to get on with boss slaying and Nightweaver hunting. The first step that players need to do is face the Asylum boss – Magister Dullain. Only upon defeating this boss and attempting to leave the area will lead you right into the next step of finding the Soulkey Tribute. This can only be found upon seeing a Nightweaver feasting happily on a corpse in which after spotting you, it will leave, allowing you time and freedom to inspect the crime scene. Here, the Soulkey Tribute item lies in wait for you to obtain.

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Return to the lower level of the Asylum where the Soulkey can be used to open the strange web which will initiate a teleportation system, thus unlocking the Tortured Asylum of Losomn.

How to Get Past the Nightweaver Web in the Tortured Asylum

The final web you have to deal with is the Nightweaver Web inside the Tortured Asylum (Morrow Parish) which can only be accessed upon defeating the Nightweaver itself. The new web requires the Nightweaver Stone Doll to open it. Part of the Head Doctor questline inside the Asylum itself, the Stone Doll can be obtained upon locating 3 separate Stone Carved Dolls from these locations:

  • Iron Safe Room opposite the Office in Asylum
  • Near where you fought Ripsaw
  • Asylum 3rd Floor (obtain key from the storage room directly outside of the Asylum)

Once you have all 3, return to the Doctor and input the code provided through a melody in which the code you need will be – 2971. By doing all of this to complete the quest, you can obtain the Nightweaver Stone Doll for the now opened cell and use on the final web to unlock the Dreamcatcher weapon.

We hope this guide was helpful in finding the Nightweaver and progressing past the Losomn Asylum in Remnant 2. For more guides on this game, be sure to see all GJ related articles here. Thank you for reading this guide.

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