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All Minigames in Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim

Spin the bottle? Count us in.
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Here’s our guide and breakdown on how to tackle Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim minigames and what the outcomes of them are depending on how you approach them.

All Minigames in Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim

“Timed” quiz

Despite being called a timed quiz, it’s not timed nor does it require much thought going into how you answer the few questions that are given at one time unless you’re at the end of a route. Here’s what you need to know across the entire game and routes.

In the common route: Pick mint chip when this selection becomes available on the first quiz you do. Do this to avoid an early bad ending. This is the only option that you absolutely have to pick. Your other selections may slightly influence the romanceable character’s interest in you, but it’s nothing that can change the tide of love for the most part.

Below are quizzes that you really should ace, so here are all the answers you need about each route and their quizzes.

  • In the Trapper’s route: Pick Never, A Partner in Crime, Literally and Yes.
  • In the Huntress’ route: Pick Black Mushroom, Yellow Mushroom and Green Mushroom.
  • In the Spirit’s route: Pick Rin Yamaoka, A Dragon, Restaurant, Black and Not being seen for who you are.
  • In the Wraith’s route: Pick Cetus, The Zodiac and Horoglium.

Spinning minigame

This minigame makes up the majority of minigames. It requires you to hit the spacebar at the right time. A pointer will spin at a gradually increased rate of speed and players have to tap the spacebar as close to the red line as possible, preferably on the icon marker to get a perfect result. This activity occurs many times for the sake of interactivity during scenes and events, such as spinning the bottle, cooking food, massaging lotion (onto Spirit’s feet specifically), chugging down beverages and defending yourself during certain encounters.

Outwardly failing these minigames before you are on a route will not usually be disastrous. Instead, your success rate in them will influence the affection of certain characters, which will be obvious if they appear in the next frame in response to the end result of the minigame. Once on a route, however, getting as high of a success rate will be necessary to get its best endings. Your success rate does not have to be perfect, but your efforts should be met with a positive reaction from your suitor of choice with brighter visuals appearing behind their sprites that should visibly be impressed with you.

General hints

It’s as simple as that for its minigames, but we’ll leave you with a couple more hints.

Always do any given activities that you can select doing with the character you’re gunning for in a playthrough. Spending every single moment with them is necessary for their best ending. Ensure utilizing its auto-save feature if your selections do not indicate a favorable response, or if no love hearts animation appears as the character’s reaction to maximize affection points. This is especially notable and far more noticeable once on a route since at least one reaction will clearly go down well. This will make for the smoothest of sailing towards its best endings.

If you’re gunning for Trapper’s route, the few times that an option gifts you a gold coin is the only time when they can be important in the game. Collecting five or more can save you from its final bad end in his route, but it’s not necessary to have since it’s an optional solution. Simply choose the right selections or have five coins at the ready.

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