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All Romances in Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim

Love is in the air!
Trapper Hooked on You
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Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim features love to die for. But who exactly are its ghoulish love interests, and just how can we get on their good side?

All Romances in Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim

The Trapper

The big muscled dork of a himbo here is the Trapper, whose name much like the Huntress will warn you of how to advance on his route. He’s going to try to kill you if you stumble at any given time due to the traps – figuratively and literally – he has waiting for you around the island. So keep your wits about you to avoid an early demise before you can convince him that you’re better off alive by his side.

To do this, you’ve got to portray yourself as nasty as possible. Most of the time the prime tactic here it to treat everyone who isn’t Trapper as a second thought. You also need to think ahead to avoid all the traps he has in place. To form the best opinion he can have of you possible, certain selections are better than others, such as those which demonstrate loyalty to him, others that highlight your honesty and ones that indicate you are into aspects related to him such as brute strength.

To successfully romance him, always keep in mind that he is attempting to kill you either by falling for one of his many traps, or getting too many questions wrong during a quiz, one half of what its minigames have to offer. The latter is especially important in the last encounter with him before his confession, so save before this. Be sure to show interest in meat, sports and family values, or rake up as many coins as possible before its route finale to fall back on.

The Huntress

The fun loving, axe wielding tall lady here is the Huntress. As far as our main suggestions go for how to speak with her and get on her good side, never, and we mean never, condescend her unless you’re playing the game for the sake of being killed by her. More power to you if so. If you are otherwise intending to experience her best ending, she happens to be one of the easier characters to romance. As long as you have her main preferences down, she will fall for you quick and hard.

This consists of being clear in that you value family ideals from the off-set – we mean this in every sense possible, such as sharing the same life goal of starting a family and respecting her mum. Be sure to also impress her by being physically capable since she would certainly not be at all pleased in hunting someone who would fail to give her a good enough hunt.

Additionally, be sensitive to her wants. Do not tease her, laugh at her, and treat her with absolute respect – if she needs assistance in anything other than where her axe needs swinging, help her. Otherwise understand and let her know that she is more than capable to do as she pleases and on her own terms. Don’t ever talk down on her and remember she’s in the right.

The Spirit

The pessimistic, gothic Spirit who initially hates society as her only shtick hides a lot underneath the surface, although it can be quite tricky to get the exact requirements necessary to win her as a lover. To see her hidden depth, the general approach should be to be patient with her, but show genuine interest in getting to know her. Be cautious with when and how you ask her personal questions, but do so when the timing is right.

Be sure to also show that you appreciate her actions and express interest in siding with her own preferences to make for easier and smoother bonding in the initial chapters, such as sharing an interest in reading literature and not drinking alcohol. Ensure that you validate her experiences and feelings throughout, and be understanding of her whenever she goes into details about herself. Allow her to take the spotlight more often than not, such as during storytelling at the campfire segments. Let her lead but show your unwavering support every step of the way as her most trustworthy companion and confidant.

Ultimately the goal with the Spirit is to show her self-worth and embrace her for who she is, faults and all.

The Wraith

The indifferent, awkward and usually seen in the background since he would rather not be caught in the crossfire within the group’s bickering of the Wraith is best left to be played as the last route since his key item is significant to another character. This makes for smooth sailing after arguably the most difficult character to woo having just been before him, because the Wraith is the easiest to win over. He seems to be into you right from the get-go, so it’s difficult to fail in pursuing him.

If anything, wooing him successfully will mostly come down to excelling at its quiz segments, so use the manual save often in case you trip up on its quizzes on his route that are mostly on the subject of consultations. Outside of this, judging his character will be easy – you want to comfort him all the time due to his past baggage, be kind to him and everyone else to ease him, slowly bring him out of his shell so that he becomes more comfortable in talking about himself, and get personal first to establish that he can trust you. He’ll be quick to do so, so don’t let him down!

The Trickster?

After all of this, you may be wondering, what about the Trickster? As his name goes, don’t fall for his tricks.

The Trickster appears here and there throughout the game, but he doesn’t actually have a romance route. He will instead “appear” in a short bonus scene when finishing up the four routes’ good endings as a teasing notion. He hints to reappearing if you fully complete the game, and by doing so when completing all eight endings that include the four good endings plus the four bad endings for each character, you will indeed unlock his scene and achievement. However, it won’t be what you think it is.

Just remember that he’s tricking you all the time. He is not a dateable character.

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