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How to get Omnitrix in A Universal Time (AUT)

How to get Omnitrix in A Universal Time (AUT)

The Omnitrix is an item in A Universal Time (AUT) that allows you to turn into three different aliens. Omnitrix, or Omnimatrix, is originally from a show called Ben 10, and it’s basically a watch that will enable the wearer to transform their DNA into other alien species. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to get the Omnitrix in A Universal Time (AUT).

If you are new to AUT, make sure you learn where the Ability Storage NPC is in the park. You will want to store any active stands you have before trying to get the Omnitrix unless you don’t care about losing them.

How to get Omnitrix in A Universal Time (AUT)

To get Omnitrix in AUT, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the mountains where the meteors spawn
  2. Look for a Strange Alien Pod
  3. Interact with the Alien Pod
  4. Respawn with the Omnitrix Stand
A Universal Time Strange Alien Pod

The first thing you’ll need to know is where the meteors crash into earth. Head to the mountains that are next to the beach with the burning car. Meteors occasionally crash down to earth every five to ten minutes.

There is a small chance that a Strange Alien Pod spawns instead of a meteor. The exact chance is not known, but it’s relatively rare, so you’ll be better off trying to accomplish this on a private server. 

When you finally see the Strange Alien Pod, you can walk over to it and interact with it like you would an ordinary meteor. However, one difference is that the Stand will automatically go active and replace your current Stand. For that reason, you may want to run to the Ability Storage NPC and store your current stand before interacting with the Alien Pod.

When you interact with the Strange Alien Pod, you will respawn with the Omnitrix Stand! Pressing Q to summon Omnitrix brings up three options: Heat Blast, Diamond Head, and XLRB. They may add more in the future, but these are the three in the game right now.

Omnitrix Move List

Here’s the Omnitrix move list and controls for Heat Blast, Diamond Head, and XLRB:

Heat Blast Move List

  • M1 – Normal attack
  • E – Fireball Generation
  • R – Pyrokinesis
  • T – Fire Punch

The Heat Blast Omnitrix stand has several fire abilities, all of which deal burn damage. Normal attacks deal nice damage, and Fireball Generation shoots out three consecutive fireballs. Pyrokinesis unleashes a single powerful fire blast. Fire Punch is a four-punch combination that also deals burn damage.

Diamond Head Move List

  • M1 – Normal attack
  • E – Crystallization
  • R – Crystallokinesis
  • T – Pawnch

Crystallization turns the enemy into a crystal and deals some damage to them. Crystallokinesis spawns a line of crystals in front of you, dealing damage to anyone in its path. Pawnch is a quick one-two punch combination move.

XLRB Move List

  • M1 – Normal attack
  • E – Vortex
  • R – Temporal Speed
  • T – Quick Swing

Temporal Speed grants a short speed burst, making your character move quickly for a few seconds. Vortex makes you surround the enemy and deal damage at a high rate. Quick swing is a quick one-two punch combo.

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