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Wolf of the North Location in Genshin Impact

Wolf of the North Location in Genshin Impact

The Wolf of the North is an area you will encounter in the main storyline when you meet Razor. You learn that you can return to the location at any time to train your skills further. Defeating this boss is also part of the battle pass, so you’ll want to know where it is in any case. Here’s the Wolf of the North location in Genshin Impact.

Wolf of the North Location in Genshin Impact

The Wolf of the North, or Lupus Boreas, Dominator of Wolves, is located southwest of Mondstadt, between Dawn Winery and Wolvendom. You can start the fight by activating the sword in the middle of the arena. Doing so will spawn in Andrius, Dominator of Wolves. 

The fight is one of the more difficult encounters in the game at the moment. It may be one of the first fights where you realize your team composition needs a healer. You will go through a lot of your food to keep your team alive otherwise. Characters like Barbara, Noelle, or Qiqi are good options for healers. Diluc and Fischl do excellent damage in this fight, so you may want to pick them up as well. Geo users provide good shields, which helps during the battle if you can’t telegraph the moves.

There are two phases to the fight, and the second form activates at 50% health. We recommend positioning toward the back foot in the second phase, whenever possible, to avoid the claw attack. Also, avoid standing on the ice, as it does a lot of damage. Look out for icicles and charge attacks, which you’ll have to dodge with proper timing. Aside from that, burst DPS will do the job.

This boss resets every week, so you can only kill it once every seven days. We recommend waiting until level thirty to fight this boss, as that increases your odds of high-quality loot. Lastly, completing this challenge is mandatory for the weekly battle pass mission.

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