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Why Tower of Fantasy Flopped Where Genshin Impact Succeeded

Paimon wishes Tower of Fantasy the best of luck.
Tower of Fantasy
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Whether you’re a Genshin player or a Tower of Fantasy player, you have to admit, both games have their ups-and-downs. You have one game where you have a vast amount of characters you can acquire to join you on your journey, and then, you have another game that gives you tons of opportunities for customization. Is Tower of Fantasy superior over Genshin Impact? Does Genshin Impact hold the rank for the best mobile game? According to sources, yes, Genshin Impact is the best mobile game, but why? Let’s talk about why Tower of Fantasy flopped where Genshin Impact succeeded.

Genshin Impact Versus Tower of Fantasy

Respectfully, both games are superior in their own ways. Tower of Fantasy gave players a chance to create their own character in a very unique way. There’s tons of players who showcased their avatars and created, what they believed, was a perfect duplicate character from their favorite programs. Genshin, on the other hand, already has us paired with either Lumine or Aether. Nothing against the twins, it just would have been fun to have our own traveler. Tower of Fantasy offers us some aesthetically pleasing environments with fun fighting mechanics. Genshin uses elemental powers in order to fight against monsters, whereas Tower of Fantasy, uses cool weapons to do the job. Does this mean that Tower of Fantasy is superior or is it a flop? Unfortunately, Tower of Fantasy doesn’t offer as much as Genshin and here’s where it differs.

Tower of Fantasy, Why it Flops

The biggest difference between the two games are one being a single-player game with some co-op mechanics and one being an MMORPG. Secondly, Genshin Impact delivers an impeccable story that really engages with its players. You feel for these characters and you want to genuinely learn more about their backstories. Although the character customization in Tower of Fantasy is impressive it doesn’t keep make us want to keep on playing. It’s an underwhelming experience after you have finished creating a unique character and are thrown into the story. Genshin kept is simple, you’re in a new world trying to find your twin, and along the way things keep happening. In Tower of Fantasy, honestly, we’re still trying to figure out what’s going on.

Fighting Mechanics in Tower of Fantasy & Genshin Impact

Playing both games, you instantly will see the difference, between fighting monsters and enemies. Genshin Impact relies on using elemental powers, whereas in Tower of Fantasy, you rely on your weapons. The weapons in Tower of Fantasy are impressive and when you use your ultimate on an enemy it’s satisfying knocking them out. Genshin Impact has a simpler approach towards fighting and using your team makes things fun. It’s rewarding leveling up your team mates and watching them take down bad guys with ease. Tower of Fantasy has you developing weapons to make them stronger. The mechanics of Tower of Fantasy is easier when you’re dodging, so fighting wise, we’d have to give this one to Tower of Fantasy.

Gacha Characters in Tower of Fantasy & Genshin Impact

Gacha mechanics are present in both games and when you’re playing Tower of Fantasy you don’t get hyped unlocking a rare character. Why is that though? Is it because we don’t really know the character we’re getting due to an unfulfilling story? At least in Genshin Impact when a new character is being presented, MiHoYo releases backstories that are presented on their YouTube page. MiHoYo also hypes these characters up by promoting them on their social media pages. When Arataki Itto was on one of their banners, we fell in love with him due to his personality on the screen. This is because Genshin Impact takes pride in the characters they put out.

Final Thoughts

Genshin Impact has been with us for some time now and it has had time to figure out what it is. The developers have worked hard creating a beautiful environment and the team has worked on creating memorable characters. Tower of Fantasy is still relatively new and maybe in the future they can be successful because the game does have some great aspects. We love the customization, fighting mechanics, and the overall look. If the story was fleshed out a bit more, and you were given rare characters from the gacha roll that pertain to the story, it’d have a chance. Let’s give it some time and hopefully Tower of Fantasy can live up to Genshin’s legacy.

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