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Where To Get a Jar in Link’s Awakening

Fairies inside of bottles is nothing new to anyone who has played Zelda games before. Here is where to get a jar in Link’s Awakening.

In Link’s Awakening, using a fairy is one of the most effective methods of healing yourself. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to capture a fairy inside of a jar unless you have a jar!

There are a few things you can to do find a jar. If you do all of them, you can get yourself three jars, which means three fairies. These are crucial when it comes to defeating the bosses throughout the game.

Fishing Lake Jar

The easiest jar to find is in Mabe Village. This is the first location in the game, and you can find a fishing lake to the north of the village. Pay the fisherman a couple rupees and he will let you fish. Aim for the sparkling bottle near the bottom of the screen, and reel it up before a fish knocks the jar off the hook.

Dampe’s Dungeon Challenge Jar

Dampe’s shack is located outside of the mysterious forest, and it’s home to the next jar in the game. Completing the “Heart Shortage” challenge will reward you with your next jar.

Ghost Jar

The final jar can be found after finishing the fourth dungeon. You will notice a purple ghost follow you around and occasionally cry out asking you to take it to the bay house. Take it to the old shack in Martha’s Bay, and then to the gravestone located west of the graveyard. Doing this will reward you with the third and final jar.

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