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The Full Trade Sequence in Link’s Awakening

One of the biggest puzzles to solve outside of the normal dungeons is the trade sequence puzzle. It goes on throughout the entire game and involves trading up items with people around Koholint Island.

It’s a trade quest where you start with a small Yoshi Doll and through a series of trades obtain a Magnifying Lens that is used to complete a later puzzle.

If you are wondering about the full trade sequence in Link’s Awakening, look no further because we have the entire thing listed below. Keep in mind you won’t be able to complete this all at one time. You must progress through the game and reach new areas to proceed.

The Full Trade Sequence in Link’s Awakening

  • Yoshi doll the trends game shop in Mabe Village rewards you with a Yoshi Doll, which you can give to the mother of the young boys at the house on top of the village.
  • Ribbon – the mother gives you a ribbon, which you can take to the sideroom of Madam MeowMeow.
  • Dog Food – bow-wow inside the house will give you some dog foos which can be traded to the banana shop owner in Toronbo Shores.
  • Banana – obviously he gives you a banana in return. Use this to gain access to Kanalet Castle, and trade it to a monkey near the moat. They’ll build a bridge for you thanks to the banana.
  • Stick – the monkeys leave a stick behind, which can be used in Ukuku Prairie at a beehive.
  • Honeycomb – poking a beehive with a stick gives you a chunk of honeycomb, which can be traded to a chef in Animal Village.
  • Pineapple – the chef will give you a pineapple, which can be given to a starving Papahl in the mountains of Tal Tal Heights.
  • Hibiscus – Papahl gives you a Hibiscus flower in return, which can be given to a young goat in Animal Village.
  • Letter – she will give you a letter to be delivered to Mr. Write, who lives near the swamp.
  • Broom – Mr. Write will give you a broom, which a Koholint resident named Grandma Ulrira will need.
  • Fishing Hook – Ulrira will give you a fishing hook, which will come in handy under the bridge near Martha’s Bay.
  • Necklace – a fisherman will use the hook and catch you a necklace, which belongs to a mermaid to the north.
  • Scale – the mermaid will let you take a scale from her tail in exchange for the necklace which will come in handy.
  • Magnifying Lens – the scale can be popped into the statue to open up a secret passageway where you will find the magnifying lens.
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