Link’s Awakening Wind Fish’s Egg Puzzle Solution

Link's Awakening Wind Fish's Egg Puzzle Solution

The last place you will visit before completing Link’s Awakening is the Wind Fish’s Egg. It can be a confusing labyrinth if you don’t know exactly where to go.

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All the clues you need to solve the puzzle can be found throughout the game. A library in Mabe Village has books laid out, one of which has some helpful answers. This book tells you the sequence of directions you must take in order to get through the maze, but you can’t read the book without a Magnifying Glass.

To obtain the magnifying glass, you must follow the trading sequence to the end. The sequence begins with a Yoshi Doll and ends with the magnifying glass. Make sure you have this item before attempting this puzzle.

Link’s Awakening Wind Fish’s Egg Puzzle Solution

It may be different for every play-through, but the solution we found to work was as follows:

Left, Left, Up, Right, Right, Right, Up, Up

If you complete it correctly, you will see a vortex at the end to jump into. You’ll know you made a mistake if you end up back where you started. After doing the Link’s Awakening Wind Fish’s Egg Puzzle solution, the only thing left to do if fish the final boss.

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