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How to Move Faster in Link’s Awakening

Link may move a little too slow for your liking, but there’s a way to speed him up a bit. In many games, there is a run button or some way to make the character sprint or move faster.

In Link’s Awakening, Link’s movement speed is fixed for a while and there’s no button you can press to speed him up. However, later in the game you will find an item called Pegasus Boots that will allow Link to sprint. They come in handy for moving around the map faster, but they also have some other uses.

How to Move Faster in Link’s Awakening

Pegasus Boots can be used to perform running jumps and dashes into objects and enemies. The boots are located in the third dungeon of the game. They are not an item you need to equip, so as long as you have them unlocked you will be able to make use of their abilities.

All you need to do is press the top left button of the controller to speed Link up. One frustrating thing is that you cannot change direction while mid-sprint. To change direction you need to come to a complete stop and start the sprint again in the new direction.

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