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How Do Shells Work in Link’s Awakening?

How Do Shells Work in Link's Awakening?

You’ve probably been exploring Koholint Island and found some shells already. Now you might be wondering ‘how do shells work in Link’s Awakening?’

How Do Shells Work in Link’s Awakening?

The shells on their own don’t exactly do anything, but once you have enough of them they can be traded for items at the Seashell Mansion. There’s a variety of tiered rewards available in exchange for shells.

Seashells are found all throughout Koholint Island in treasure chests, buried in the sand, and hidden in bushes. If you take some time to explore the island, you will come across a few dozen shells pretty quickly.

After you find twelve or so shells, you can pay a visit to the Seashell Mansion to trade them in for some sweet rewards. The mansion is located to the left of Ukuku Prairie. Walk inside the mansion and stand on the pad. You will see a meter fill up depending on the amount of shells you have.

There are a few different markers on the meter, each marker providing a new reward. The first milestone gives you a piece of heart. The second gives you a seashell detector you can use to easily find more seashells.

Now you know the purpose of shells in Link’s Awakening, and you can go collect them and trade them in for some awesome rewards.

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