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How to Beat the Final Boss in Link’s Awakening

Boss fights are a big part of every Zelda game, and Link’s Awakening is no exception. The final boss fight is always the most difficult, so we made this guide to help you defeat him.

The final boss in Link’s Awakening is by far the most challenging fight in the game. It has several phases and shifts into various different bosses each with different attacks. Because of this, you’ll need to utilize a bunch of different skills to beat him.

As always, before you start this fight make sure you have full health and some fairies stored up in jars in case you need them. Pay a visit to Crazy Tracy’s health spa if you want as well.

How to Beat the Final Boss in Link’s Awakening

Form 1 – the giant blob jumps in the air and crashes down. You need to avoid it when it lands and sprinkle some magic power on it four times.

Form 2 – the evil wizard is similar to Agahnim from A Link to the Past. He throws energy balls at you, and you need to hit them back with your sword to damage him. Look out for the cluster of balls he sometimes shoots out as these cannot be reflected.

Form 3 – this big scorption boss is similar to the Tail Cave boss. You need to deal damage to the tail several times. He gets faster every time you hit his tail.

Form 4 – the fourth form is very challenging and one of the most difficult to figure out. He sends flaming bats at you, which must be dodged. He then throws a two-sided axe at you. While the axe is spinning away from him, attack the boss by using a charged spin attack or dashing with the Pegasus Boots.

Form 5 – another worm like creature that charges at link to damage him. Avoid the attacks and time your ranged attacks properly to damage him and take him down!

Form 6 – the final form is a massive blinking eye with two arms. The arms move around while the eye remains centered. Use Roc’s Feather to lunge over the arms and use your bow and arrow to hit the eye when it opens. Five direct hits to the open eye should do the trick.

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