How to Heal in Link’s Awakening

How to Heal in Link's Awakening

In previous Zelda games, you had to make use of potions to heal Link and regenerate hearts. Some potions could be bought from shops, while others could be crafted by witches or Link himself.

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How to Heal in Link’s Awakening

Link’s Awakening is a bit different. There’s no potions to be seen throughout the game, which means you’ll need to rely on hearts that drop from containers, grass, and enemies.

Some other methods can also be used to restore Link’s health. With Pegasus Boots, you can run through apple trees causing apples to fall to the ground. Link will automatically eat the apples and regenerate a couple hearts.

You will also encounter fairies that can heal 10 hearts whenever you find them. Fairies sometimes pop out of trees or appear after defeating tough enemies. With a jar in your inventory, you can capture a fairy to use it in the future when you need it.

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