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Where to find Terrified Schuster in Genshin Impact

Where to find Terrified Schuster in Genshin Impact

Many new World Quests are now available as part of the Unreconciled Stars Event in Genshin Impact. Most of these sent Travelers out into the world of Teyvat, collecting things like Meteorite Shards and exploring various locations. One quest, ‘That Which Fell From the Sky,’ asks players to go out into Mondstadt and check on the terrified citizens who are too scared to come back to the city because of the meteorites. Here’s where to find Terrified Schuster in Genshin Impact.

Where to find Terrified Schuster in Genshin Impact

Terrified Schuster is one of the scared NPCs stranded in Mondstadt in fear of the falling meteorites. You can find him in Stormbearer Point, as you already probably know from the map marker, but where is he exactly?

It turns out Terrified Schuster is hiding behind a tree in Stormbearer Point. He’s in the fetal position, trembling in fear, and the nearby slimes aren’t helping him out at all. Here’s where you can find him on the map.

After speaking to him, he’ll try and convince you he was just taking a rest. Later, he explains that he was looking Vind, the nun usually seen around Stormbearer Point. At this point, you’ll need to continue his quest and search for Vind yourself.

Vind is a lot easier to find, and you’ll need to go to the edge of the cliffs on the northwest region of Stormbearer point. It’s a short run, and you should easily spot her when you get to the marker. 

It’s a short quest guide, but some players might be running around in circles looking for Terrified Schuster. Now you know exactly where to find him, whether you’re stuck on this quest or you haven’t started it yet.

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