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How to get your Coordinates in New World

Any massive world game can benefit by giving its players the ability to pinpoint their location on the map. Luckily New World allows players to get their coordinates quickly by enabling just one setting. Let’s take a look at how to get your coordinates in New World.

How to get your Coordinates in New World

To get your coordinates, you will need to have the “Show FPS” setting enabled. You can find this option under the Visuals tab in your Settings menu. Scroll down and make sure “Show FPS” is enabled.

Once you have that enabled, you will see some new information appear on your screen. You will see Latency info in the top left corner, and in the top right corner, you will see your FPS and your position coordinates below it. 

The position coordinate will be made of up three numbers. Your X-axis (East/West) coordinate, followed by your Y (North/South) axis coordinate, and lastly, your Z coordinate or your elevation coordinate. As you move around the game world, you will see these values constantly changing. They will stop as soon as your character stops moving, giving you your exact location in the game world. The Z coordinate isn’t very useful for our purposes, but the first two X and Y coordinates are. You can think of these values as latitude and longitude, and they are the numbers you will want to take note of. 

What do you use coordinates for?

Getting coordinates is used for primarily two reasons, finding your friends easier and saving locations of nodes for farming. Find your buddies in New World is a breeze, so most players will be jotting down coordinates of high-value nodes they find. You can then make sure you check these locations when your run routes while questing or share them with your friends and guild members. 

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