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Where to Find Mimics in MW3 Zombies?

Take down these elite enemies.
Call of Duty Modern Warfare III
Image by Infinity Ward

Call of Duty fans everywhere know about zombie mode and will be happy to learn that now you can kill mimics in the game. If you’re a fan of killing zombies and want to learn everything about the new mobs running around Urzikstan, here’s where you can find mimics in MW3 Zombies.

How to Find Mimics in MW3 Zombies?

Mimics can be found as hordes on the Urzikstan map, deep zones in strongholds, and bounties. These hordes of mimics will be located in strongholds and will contain strong enemies you need to kill. Unfortunately, all mimics often aren’t in a single place, and it will take some time to find them. Sources have confirmed that mimics have been spotted in dangerous zones, so it’s best to find them in high-risk areas on the map of Urzikstan.

You might be able to find mimics at the strongholds, but be warned, they’re highly impacted by zombies. To destroy a stronghold, you’ll need to destroy crystallized growths that can be seen high and low in buildings. Once that is complete, you’ll be able to find a mimic spawn. You might also want to try your hand at bounties to find mimics. Some contracts available have mimics as one of the targets you need to eliminate.

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How to Kill a Mimic in MW3 Zombies?

Killing a mimic in MW3 Zombies is hard because of its strength. You don’t necessarily need a fancy strategy to take them down. You just need to have upgraded weapons and make sure you’re strong enough to fight them. They’re considered elite monsters, and when they hit you, they hit you hard. Upgrade your weapons, aim for its mouth, and fight it with your friends. You’ll have a better chance at taking it down when you have buddies by your side.

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