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Where to find Ernest in Genshin Impact

Where to find Ernest in Genshin Impact

You can complete four random commissions every day to earn some free Primogems and Adventure EXP in Genshin Impact. It’s one of the best ways to level your character and one of the daily tasks you’ll want to add to your routine. Some of the commissions can be confusing at times, especially ones where you need to locate NPCs. One of the commissions begins with Sara at Mondtsadt’s Good Hunter, which entails delivering some food. Here’s where to find Ernest in Genshin Impact.

The daily commission quest entitled Food Delivery begins in Mondstadt at the Good Hunter. Waitress Sara is working hard to deliver food to all its clients, but the restaurant is understaffed. You’ll need to help her out in exchange for some EXP and delicious meals.

Where to find Ernest in Genshin Impact

Ernest is located outside of Dawn Winery in Mondtsadt. Start by speaking with Sara at the Good Hunter in Mondstadt. After accepting her quest, she will give you two minutes to deliver the food. At that point, teleport to the waypoint closest to Dawn Winery.

Run over to Dawn Winery, and you should see a purple marker appear over Ernest’s head. He’s standing right out front of the main building, so you can easily spot him with no problem. You may startle him a bit, but he’s patiently awaiting his Fried Radish Balls delivery. After delivering the food, you will have to return to the Good Hunter in Mondstadt.

Take the money back to Sara, and turn it in to complete the commission and receive your reward. She’ll give you a Crab, Ham & Veggie Bake for your troubles. You’ll also receive the 10 Primogems you get for completing the daily commission. That’s all there is to it! It’s quite an easy commission as long as you know where to find Ernest.

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