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Where Is Hedge Lab in Grounded?

this game puts ants in your pants!

Where is the hedge lab in Grounded, you may be asking? Well, first let’s talk about the actual game. Grounded is a new addition to the survival game genre. It is basically Honey I Shrunk the Kids, the game. You are tiny-sized and doing your best to survive in your own backyard. Of course, at that size, everything you need to do packs its own challenges. With the game going live, we thought we would teach you some basics on how to survive in your own backyard.

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We do want to make a suggestion, though. Half the fun of this game is discovering this stuff on your own. It’s a well-realized world filled with lots of surprises. So if you are stuck or need help, we are here. But try going at it without a guide for a bit. It’s well worth it.

Where is Hedge Lab in Grounded?

You need to know where the hedge is to start. The bottom right corner of the map is the spot. Its lower area is mostly very barren, being home to some resources and spiders like Orb Weavers.

The Hedge Lab is a large lab located on the trunk of the large hedge on the top of a stone wall. It is only accessible via traveling throughout the upper sections of the Hedge. It is the first lab intended with progression.

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In order to reach the Hedge Lab, you’ll first need to climb the Southeastern Tree in the hedge. One of the roots will have a branch that you can walk on. This branch extends upwards, allowing you to access the tree’s branches above.

The lab gives you access to some new components and gear, which will up your game. While getting there can be a challenge, we hope this helps.

Bam, you found the lab. Now get to crafting, kids!

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