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Where to find Grubs in Grounded

Where to find Grubs in Grounded

Grubs are an essential part of Obsidian Entertainment’s new survival game, Grounded. You need to know where to look to be able to find these bugs easily. In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about where to find Grubs, and Grub Hide, in Grounded.

Where to find Grubs in Grounded

Grubs burrow underground and move beneath the dirt. To find them, you need to make sure to look for a dirt trail that pops up above their location. You will need to have an Acorn Shovel to be able to dig one up. If you don’t have an Acorn Shovel already, go to the Oak Tree and grab your Acorns. It’s an easy task you can do at the beginning of the game.

Follow the trail of dirt with your Acorn Shovel handy, and stick it into the ground to dig up the Grub. They are gross insects, so if bugs skeeve you out, you may not like what pops out of the earth. Once you dig it up, it cannot attack you or do anything to harm you in any way. You can pick up some Grub Hide, Grub Goop, and Raw Grub Meat from the bug’s corpse. 

You can craft a variety of armor with Grub Hide and Grub Goop, including Grub Chest Piece, Leggings, Goggles. Other recipes like the Smoothie Station, Canteen, and Larva Blade also require the materials to craft. Grubs are plentiful in the wilderness. Make sure to look out for the dirt trail, and you cannot miss them. Now you know where to find Grubs in Grounded, so it’s time to do some exploring. 

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