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When is the Next Escape from Tarkov wipe? (2023)

Wipe 'em all out!
Escape from tarkov cover
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Escape from Tarkov gives players a satisfying FPS experience as they complete missions and gain equipment while facing opposition. But this can start feeling less challenging when players start getting as much as the game offers. But, right as players start getting a large amount of the content available, Tarkov gives a reset.

When is the Escape from Tarkov Wipe in 2023

The wipe is used to balance progression between strong players and weaker ones or newcomers. It also keeps things fun by ensuring no one is too overpowered. While this may rub some players the wrong way by wiping out everything they’ve accomplished, many enjoy the sprint towards being strong over and over again.

What does the wipe do?

When the wipe happens, your account is essentially as new as the day you created it. Meaning all the things you’ve gained since the last reset, like guns and money, are wiped out to have everyone start from scratch. This means all players start from an even playing field, stats wise, even if veteran players are more skillful.

When is the wipe?

The wipe  doesn’t officially get announced until it’s close to the date. As of now, there’s no official word on the reset. However, since 12.0, the resets have happened between 160~ and 210~ days. This means you can extrapolate the rough time period to expect a reset. The previous reset was done on December 22nd, 2022 and the one before that was June 28th, 2022. With this in mind, the next wipe will likely happen late June – early July.

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If you’re still working your way through Escape from Tarkov before the wipe, you can check out guides like one on the Humanitarian Supply quest. You can read several guides on Gamerjournalist or catch the latest in gaming on the Facebook page.

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