What is Enlisted Reinforced?

Are we seeing a new game?
Enlisted Reinforced
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Gaijin’s Enlisted has been among the more popular WW2 titles out there (at least for me) since it was released due to their big successes with WarThunder. Using the same engine, they succeeded in creating an authentic squad-based combat.

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However, I noticed recently that something called “Enlisrted: Reinforced” was going to be introduced. At first, I thought that it might be a sequel game (although I wasn’t sure if the original Enlisted needed it?), but after diving deeper into the changes and upcoming updates related to the game, I finally discovered what it is. Keep reading and see what Enlisted: Reinforced is bringing.

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Is Enlisted Reinforced a New Game?

No, Enlisted Reinforced isn’t a new game. The classic Enlisted game received some major changes in the December 18, 2023 “New Era” update, and with those, it’s going to come to Steam sometime in the first quarter of 2024 under the name “Enlisted: Reinforced.”

Enlisted Coming to Steam

Well, the day is approaching when Enlisted will be another game that you can add to your Steam library and wouldn’t have to play from their own client. The developers mentioned that playing through the Gaijin client will still be possible and that there will be a transitioning period for all those that want to transfer their progress.

Big Changes to Enlisted with New Era Update

Some of the notable changes that came with the New Era update (and there might be more) are the introduction of new missions:

  • Dominant Heights (Invasion and Conquest)
  • Huertgen Forest (Invasion)
  • Werbig station (Destruction)
  • Gavutu Airfield Sout (Invasion)
  • Gogol street South (Assault)
  • Fortress West (Invasion)
  • Beloe Lake North (Invasion)
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Moreover, what I found fascinating was that now I don’t have to start from scratch when playing with a new nation. Instead, points received for upgrading the perks of your soldiers after the battle will be given to squads of all nations, making the nation and battle switching a much more seamless experience.

For example, I got caught playing the Germans (and German-related battles) most of the time because that’s who I leveled up. If I wanted to play the Americans or the Japanese, I would have to start from scratch, and I didn’t want to do that.

Additionally, various currencies that you can win in-game, known as “Orders,” have now been listed under one – Enlisted Silver. This makes it much easier to purchase equipment for your soldiers and makes them tougher nuts to crack.

New vehicles, battle awards and visual effects have been added as well.

We hope our article helped you better understand the new changes to Enlisted! For more articles on the game, check out How to Get the Machine Gun Nest in Enlisted and How to Call in Bombers in Enlisted.

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