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The battle between Enlisted and Hell Let Loose would be called Clash of the Titans by some WW2 fans (or only me). However you look at these games, the resemblance they have is great, and it’s reasonable that gamers looking for a great WW2 shooter experience would like to know the pros and cons of both.

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I was personally thrilled the first time I saw the Hell Let Loose trailer and gameplay videos, although I spent plenty of time in Enlisted. That might make me a bit biased, so I decided to present you with both the pros and cons of both games and let you decide at the end which one suits you more.

Keep reading not to see my judgment about which game is better, but to find out what is great and what is lacking in both of these amazing games – Enlisted and Hell Let Loose.

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Is Hell Let Loose Better Than Enlisted?

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One of the things that needs to be said in an article like this is that both of these games popularized a new type of shooter game and, with their big player bases, already proved to be successful. Moving away from the classic individual approach where a player picks up a gun that he wants and goes wherever he wants to, Enlisted and Hell Let Loose added a more realistic squad approach.

Hell Let Loose Pros and Cons


On the pro side for Hell Let Loose, we can name more than a few things. The big thing that the game has, and Enlisted doesn’t have, is that realistic team spirit, which is a must if you want to play a meaningful battle. So whether you’re controlling a tank with your friends or simply running a squad that needs to fulfill a task, talking to others and coordinating is a MUST.

The game even has a commander who overlooks the whole battle, has unique abilities, and gets to play around with shared resources to win the battle. This gives a strategy taste to the game (at least to the person playing the commander) and takes the whole adventure in a new direction that Enlisted doesn’t have.

Still following the path of realism, Hell Let Loose has huge maps trying to get you the 1:1 recreation of real places where the battles played out. On top of that, you can play 50 vs. 50 in long matches that give out that real WW2 battle vibe.

Hell Let Loose’s shooting matchups feel a bit better than the ones in Enlisted, as you get a bit of that Overwatch feeling of a steady grip and better control.


The first con that comes to my mind is that nothing on the maps in Hell Let Loose is destructible. Your vehicles and tanks can get stuck in weird places and can’t even knock down a small tree. This kills the realism feel the developers were aiming to give out when making this game. I don’t know about you, but I’m always a sucker for a game that lets me destroy its surroundings.

When it comes to graphics, Hell Let Loose can maybe offer a better visual experience but at a high cost. If you’re not among those who have a $2000 PC, you’re likely to see a drop in fps and worse details around you. Since most people don’t have expensive setups, I had to put this one in the “cons” pile.

The personal progression through the game doesn’t feel as good as it feels in Enlisted since you need to grind a lot before you can unlock any new items.

Enlisted Pros and Cons


When it comes to the pros of Enlisted, the first thing I have to say glorious things about is the whole environment that reacts to the battle. Plenty (not all) of fences, trees, and other lighter items, such as thin walls, are completely destroyable and can easily be run over by tanks. When airplane bombs or artillery shells hit the ground, they leave craters that infantry can later use as cover, making every battlefield a unique place for fighting, just like in real life.

And when talking about airplanes, yes, there are airplanes in Enlisted. The game was developed by Gaijin Entertainment, which has previously built Warthunder, a game that featured airplane and tank battles in realistic scenarios. They carried some of that in Enlisted and fully completed that multi-approach to a battle – simultaneous attack by infantry, vehicles, and airplanes.

Progression of individual soldiers is much better in Enlisted, as each match will give you some goals to complete, and with the reward points you get, you can upgrade a lot of stuff. For example, you can research new soldier classes and weapons and get them to become available in the future, and entirely separately from that; you can upgrade squads and soldiers, giving them unique perks and boosts.


Being free-to-play, Enlisted has plenty of microtransactions that can put some players on top of others, and that’s drawn a lot of negative energy from everyday players who believe the game is pay to win now. Even though it might be true, I personally haven’t felt this in my games. The balance is always there, and I never felt I was outclassed by a player with a newer weapon or a more powerful tank.

Squads that we mentioned are a thing in both Hell Let Loose and Enlisted, but with one important difference. Hell Let Loose puts you in squads full of other players with whom you need to cooperate. Enlisted instead gives every player control of their own squad, whereas other soldiers are controlled by the AI.

Even though you can play as those other soldiers when you die and even order them where to go and what to do, the feeling that there are plenty of bots running around the map kinda kills the feeling of a shooter game for me. I like to know that every time I kill a player, I outsmarted a person and not just shot at a sitting duck bot.

There you go! Our view of Enlisted vs. Hell Let Loose. If you’d like to read more about these games, check out our articles How to Call in Bombers in Enlisted and Is Hell Let Loose Split Screen.

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