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Is Enlisted Crossplay?

Is Enlisted Crossplay?
Image via Gaijin Entertainment

You know what’s weird? Back in the mid-2000s, almost every single major first person shooter game was set during World War II. Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, and a bunch of dime store shooters all used the same setting, to the point where everyone got tired of it. Now, over a decade later, we’re back to World War II shooters again. I guess trends are cyclical, huh? So, if you wanna play one of the newest WWII shooters, Enlisted, can you do it with crossplay?

Just last week, Enlisted began its open beta period, releasing on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X. It’s surprisingly fleshed out for a game still in its beta period, and with so many platforms available to boot. In the old days, you were lucky if you got a halfway functioning beta on PC. However, as of now, Gaijin Entertainment isn’t planning on releasing the game through Steam or the Epic Store, so that might make cross-platform functionality a little tricky. Or at least one would think it would, but apparently, they have that covered as well.

Is Enlisted Crossplay?

According to Gaijin Entertainment’s official Enlisted FAQ, all versions of the game, both console and PC, have native crossplay support with one another, and it’s turned on by default. To be more specific, crossplay between PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is turned on by default, though you can also add PC support to the list as well in the game’s options. This goes both ways with the PC version as well, of course, though if you don’t want to play any games with people on other platforms, you also have the option of disabling crossplay entirely, again from the options. This will ensure you matches populate exclusively with people playing on the same kind of platform as you.

One little thing to remember if you’re playing the PC version: Enlisted is managed and launched through Gaijin.NET, the devs’ own game client. Your account is managed through the Gaijin.NET launcher, so make sure to launch the game through there instead of using Steam or the EXE file.

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