How to Get the Machine Gun Nest in Enlisted

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Enlisted is the free to play war game that perfectly mixes arcade mechanics with realistic ones. Build your own squad and control them in hot-seat game play as you bring them into combat against droves of the enemy. If you have an engineer in your squad, you can create constructions that significantly help your team. The machine gun nest is a fantastic building that will throw the odds in your favor. Here is how to get the machine gun nest in Enlisted.

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How to get the machine gun nest in Enlisted

Having an engineer on your team in Enlisted is a great move that you should definitely make sure you do. Engineers can build and repair all the important things that your team needs for victory – the machine gun nest being one of them. However, not all engineers are trained as well as each other. The regular engineer won’t be able to build the machine gun nest, and no, they can’t unlock it.

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The machine gun nest is a complex construction that only highly trained engineers can pull off. You will need to unlock the Engineer II from the campaign levels if you want to be able to build a machine gun nest in Enlisted. You must fight your way through the campaign until you complete level 23. After that, you’ll unlock the Engineer II.

At that point you can add one to your team, and be amazed as new worlds of opportunities open up for you and your squad. But there is still quite a lot of work on your part before that can happen, so get a move on, soldier!

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