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The latest offering from Gaijin Entertainment is steadily climbing in popularity. Enlisted has shed some new light on an age-old and relatively run-down genre; the World War 2 shooter. Enlisted offers lots of new gameplay mechanics, and at the start can be confusing. As you go through the first few levels, you unlock the radio operator class without much information on how it works, leaving many players confused. What is and how does the radio operator work? Let’s dive in.

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What is the Radio Operator

The radio operator is an unlockable trooper class in Enlisted. Upon reaching level 6 in the Battle for Moscow campaign, you will unlock a squad with a radio operator and also the radio operator infantry class to add to other squads. You unlock the radio operator at level 7 in the Invasion of Normandy campaign. Having a radio operator in your squad will let you call in artillery support. With some upgrades, your artillery support can easily change the tide of a battle.

How the Radio Operator Works

Using your Radio Operator in a battle is simple. Bring a squad that has a radio operator into battle. You don’t need to play as the actual radio operator, but one does have to be present in your squad. 

Having the radio operator will allow you to bring up the Artillery strike map. To bring this map up, you need to hit the number 7 on PC or the d-pad up arrow on a console. Alternatively, on PC, you can also hit the ALT key to bring up the pie menu and choose artillery strike

With the artillery map on your screen, choose a location for your artillery strike. Click on the map and wait! The artillery strike will begin within a few seconds and slowly increase in intensity, lasting roughly 30 seconds. After the artillery strike is over, it will go on cooldown for about 4 minutes. You can reduce this cooldown by upgrading your Radio Operator squad with “Frequent Artillery.” This upgrade drastically lowers the cooldown on your artillery strike, making it one of the single most powerful squad upgrades in the game. 

Now you know how the radio operator works in Enlisted. Keep an eye out for more guides, and also information on game updates as Enlisted will constantly be balanced and reworked as more players join the front!

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