How to Call in Bombers in Enlisted

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Enlisted is the free to play World War 2 game that sees you in command of a whole squad as you take part in epic battles. Add whatever specialty you need to your squad to take it to the enemy. If you want to call in air strikes and bombers, however, then you’ll need a specific team member to call them in. Here is how to call in bombers in Enlisted.

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How to call in bombers in Enlisted

In Enlisted, who you have on your team will determine your effectiveness in battle. If you want to win, then you’ll need some technical members, and not just a line of machine guns. One super effective way to slaughter the enemy in droves is not with a team member with a strong gun, but with a team member with simply a radio.

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The radio operator in Enlisted has the ability to call in air strikes and bombers to rain down upon the enemy, by relaying info the guys in the skies. Firstly, you need to make sure that you have the airstrike unlocked in Squad Progression, otherwise this option won’t be available to you. When playing as your radio operator, go to call in an artillery bombardment, but with the airstrike unlocked you should be able to now cycle through your options to select the airstrike.

You will be able to now fly the plane itself as you unleash your payloads of glory upon the enemy when you call it in. Just don’t crash the plane before you land all of your hits, and try to aim accurately! It isn’t a kamikaze mission.

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