How Many Players are in a Battle in Enlisted?

How Many Players are in a Battle in Enlisted?
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I’m admittedly no expert on the art of warfare, but as far as I know, there are no hard and fast rules of engagement regarding a number of participating soldiers. Like, there’s no rule that says a country can’t go to war with an army of like five dudes. It wouldn’t be a good idea, but they could do it. In a proper, non-silly war, though, there are guaranteed to be hundreds of soldiers on the ground, to say nothing of those in aerial infantry, and Enlisted works the same way. So, how many players are in a battle in Enlisted?

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A squad of soldiers in Enlisted is typically made up of 4-9 soldiers, either player or AI-controlled. Obviously, though, one squad of soldiers isn’t gonna win a conflict, which is why a faction could have around five squads of soldiers operating at a given time, as well as, depending on the factions and time periods, armored divisions like tank drivers and aerial divisions like pilots. If both sides of a conflict had around five squads of the maximum number of soldiers, all player-controlled, that’d be a battle of around 100 players at once. 

How Many Players are in a Battle in Enlisted?

According to Gaijin Entertainment’s devs, they have successfully stress-tested the beta version of Enlisted, and have been able to steadily run matches with as many as 140 soldiers. However, this isn’t a be-all, end-all statistic; Gaijin was able to reach this number by running the game with their own high-quality rigs and servers. If players are using lower-end hardware to play the game, or the servers are overburdened with numerous matches at once, it could affect how well the game can handle large-scale battles. 

The number of players concentrated in a single area of the battlefield can also complicate matters. If every single player in a 100-player conflict are all in a big punch-up over a single sandy hill, the intensity of the combat will skyrocket, which puts an additional burden on the servers. 

Gaijin is still working on optimizing their servers further, so hopefully, whenever the game reaches its full release state, it’ll be better able to handle a larger crowd of players running around the battlefield and getting shot.

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