Torchlight 3 Difficulty Settings

Torchlight 3 is the latest dungeon crawler from Echtra Games. Like the previous two titles, this one takes place in the Torchlight universe. Players must fight their way through the frontier, kill enemies, and collect powerful gear for their characters. There are five different Torchlight 3 difficulty settings, which influence your game experience.

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Torchlight 3 Difficulty Settings

The five different settings in Torchlight 3 are Practice, Normal, Hard, Painful, and Ridiculous. In Multiplayer, you may only be in a party with other characters playing on the same difficulty. Lowing the difficulty permanently changes your character’s level shield. For example, if you have ever played on Normal difficulty, that will be the shield displayed on your character, regardless of the difficulty you currently play on.

For increasing difficulty, players receive extra potion luck and item luck. The enemies will also have increased health pools and damage. 

  • Practice – For explorers.
  • Normal – It’s a good place to start. 
    • +20% potion luck
  • Hard – For skilled ARPG players.
    • +20% potion luck
    • +5% item luck
  • Painful – It’s going to hurt. Boss fights in boss arenas reset if you die.
    • +30% potion luck
    • +10% item luck
  • Ridiculous – Are you sure? Boss fights in boss arenas reset if you die.
    • +40% potion luck
    • +15% item luck

As you can see from the difficulties listed above, increasing the difficulty also increases your in-game luck. Game difficulty influences the chances of good items and potions dropping from enemies. Painful is the most difficult mode in the game at the moment. Players that want even more of a challenge should check the “Hardcore” mode option while creating their characters.

Hardcore means if you die, your character is permanently dead, and you will have to create a new one. Considering that the game is currently in early access, we would not recommend playing hardcore mode quite yet. When you reach the endgame in Torchlight 3, we recommend playing on Painful to maximize your time to reward ratio.

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