Where is Zephoras in Torchlight 3?

Torchlight 3 is a new action-RPG from Echtra Games. Throughout the game, players will fight their way through dungeons and complete various quests for rewards. While the quest tracker is one of the better ones we have seen in aRPGs, some things are still difficult to find. In this guide, we’ll show you were Zephoras is in Torchlight 3. 

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Where is Zephoras in Torchlight 3?

Zephoras is located in McTyre’s Cove, which is the main town in the second Act of the game. You can find him slightly northwest of the waypoints, to the left of the main building with the wooden staircase out front. He is sitting at a small desk, writing something with a feather pen. 

You will need to speak with Zephoras for a variety of missions and even though he is right in the middle of town, it can be tough to find him. We found that sometimes the quest target does not highlight properly on the minimap. It is understandable since the game is still in Early Access, but a guide on where to find Zephoras in Torchlight 3 doesn’t hurt. 

Currently, in this stage of the Torchlight 3 Early Access, there are three different acts you can play through. More content will be available as it gets built out and tested. Torchlight 3 is a unique action RPG in that you can build and upgrade your forts. These areas offer unique benefits to your player and anyone who visits. 

One exciting thing you can build in your fort is the Luck Tree. This building influences the loot that can drop in your world. You can feed your Luck Tree items to level it up. Doing this further improves the drops that happen in the world. We have a list of Legendary items in Torchlight 3 that is currently a work in progress. Check it out and see what Legendaries are out there. There are reportedly over 100 unique Legendary items in the game right now.

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