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How to make Stone Blocks in Torchlight 3

Building forts is one of the things that sets Torchlight 3 apart from other dungeon crawler games. You can build up your fort to churn out resources that get used in crafting different buildings. Some buildings like the Luck Tree can influence how your loot works in-game. In this guide, we will show you how to make Stone Blocks in Torchlight 3.

How to make Stone Blocks in Torchlight 3

One of the beginning Torchlight 3 “Fort” tutorial missions asks players to build a Wardrobe. To build one of these, you will need to have ten Stone Blocks, but the game does not explain how to make those. In case you are a bit confused, we put together this guide to help you out in the process. 

Stone Blocks can be created using Stone Rocks, a resource you get from mining boulders out in the world. To create these Stone Blocks, you will need to build a Stonemason in your Fort. Go to a waypoint and travel to your Fort. Once there, hit F to bring up the crafting menu. On the top of the screen, you will see four options for Arrange, Decoration, Functional, and Storage.

The Stonemason building is found under the Function tab in the crafting menu. To build a Stonemason, you need 100 Wood Logs, obtained from harvesting trees in the frontier, and 100 Stone Rock. Select the Stonemason building when you have the required materials and place it anywhere in your fort.

Go up to the Stonemason building and left-click on it to bring up the Recipe menu. You have the option to create the following Stone Blocks:

  • 1 Stone Block – 2 Stone Rocks (5 seconds)
  • 4 Stone Blocks – 8 Stone Rocks (16 seconds)
  • 6 Stone Blocks – 12 Stone Rocks (21 seconds)
  • 12 Stone Blocks – 24 Stone Rocks (36 seconds)
  • 24 Stone Blocks – 48 Stone Rocks (1 minute)

You will notice that you get a time discount for crafting more Stone Blocks at one time. These materials are a requirement in crafting other buildings. It will also be mandatory to build a Sawmill and a Smelter to craft Wood Planks and Metal Bars at some point.

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