What are Lifebound Items in Torchlight 3?

Trying to figure out what Lifebound items are in Torchlight 3? The new dungeon crawler from Echtra Games released today in Early Access on Steam. Players can pick between four different characters and fight their way through various zones to collect epic loot. You will come across different rarity items throughout the game, and you will notice some have the words Lifebound on them.

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What are Lifebound Items in Torchlight 3?

Lifebound items are pieces of loot that will disappear when you die. These items typically have more powerful stats compared to their non-Lifebound counterparts. The only downside is that you lose them if you die. This is true even if the item is in your inventory and not equipped. Don’t worry, though, because there is a scroll you can use to preserve this item just in case you end up dying.

There are consumable items in this game if you open up your inventory and go to the last tab. One of these items is called the Scroll of Unbinding. When you use this item, you can select a Lifebound item to retain its stats but prevent it from being lost on death. Right-click on the scroll and then left-click on the Lifebound item you want to use it on.

After using this item, it removes the “Lifebound” stats, so you won’t lose the item if you die. The scrolls seem pretty rare to come by, so I would recommend only using them on Lifebound items you think you will be using for several levels. So far, the only Lifebound items seem to be on “Rare” items, which are the blue color loot. You can get the Lifebound roll in any loot, including weapons, off-hands, shoulders, helmets, chest pieces, boots, legs, and gloves.

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