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Top 5 Best Genshin Impact Headcanons

Beidou and Ningguang a couple!?
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If there’s one thing Genshin Impact does best is its ability to leave our imaginations running wild. With a diverse cast of characters ranging from children to adults, entertaining villains, and plenty of quests with interesting stories, it’s easy to come up with headcanons. Fans from all over have found solace placing romantic tensions around characters or coming up with storylines on their own. We’ve scoured the internet to find some of the best headcanons. Here are our top five favorite headcanons in Genshin Impact!

Top 5 Headcanons in Genshin Impact

As we were scouring the internet we learned that Genshin Impact has tons of headcanons. It was hard to pick our favorites because there are just so many! We have headcanons ranging from which characters should be dating, or, back stories that make sense but aren’t canon. There’s even a headcanon that focuses on two adopted characters who MIGHT be brothers. The list goes on and on.

1. Sisterly Love Between Barbara & Jean in Genshin Impact

Our favorite duo sisters are always talked about. Jean especially is protective over Barbara, who being an idol, is constantly looking over her shoulder to evade fanboys. This headcanon is wholesome because it focuses on Barbara being the sweetheart. We get it, Jean. We see how much you’re struggling with your job. You’re constantly stressed out and people just keep dumping errands on you. Why can’t they just do it themselves? You’re literally suffering from burnout. Barbara would be one to bring you comfort food at the end of the day, sing you a lullaby, or emotionally heal you by listening to your problems. Such a sweetheart! This is a wholesome Genshin Impact headcanon.

2. Genshin Impact Pride

Image Via MiHoYo

Characters in Genshin Impact don’t really focus on relationships. Some, such as Lisa, flirt with the idea of taking the traveler out on dates. Due to the characters not having any type of representation in regards to who they would be with intimately…players have decided amongst themselves where Genshin Impact characters stand. Take Xinyan for instance. A player from the Genshin community thought Xinyan is pansexual and she goes for anyone she is attracted to. Another player gave Beidou the pride flag, indicating she’s a lesbian. It would be nice to know who each character is interested in instead of us having to solve the case. But it’s cool that players have found a way to give each character an identity.

3. Beidou & Ningguang Are OTP

The couple that’s not really a couple but everyone would like them to be a couple in Genshin Impact. Beidou and Ningguang are the official unofficial femslash ship in the fandom. Due to Beidou being a pirate and Ningguang being part of the government, you would think their relationship, wouldn’t be as platonic as it is. This makes us wonder if the reason Beidou is able to partake in pirate activities is that she’s sleeping with the head of the government. This couple is so popular in fact players would write fan fiction, create fan art, and write Genshin Impactheadcanons about how their relationship started. They’re the best couple in the game and you can’t tell us otherwise.

4. Are You My Brother?

Bennett and Razor are two Genshin Impact characters who are talked about quite a lot in terms of them resembling one another. Fans from the series have also tried to link them romantically, but what if they’re related instead? One headcanon that really intrigued us was the theory that the two could be brothers. Two boys that got separated after their parents risked everything to save them from the Abyss Order. The boys are known to be adopted so maybe they are long-lost brothers?

5. Hu Tao’s Tragic Past

Hu Tao is an interesting character because she constantly focuses on death. She’s bubbly and when she causes a ruckus in town she means well. Unfortunately, for characters like QiQi, they can recognize sadness from a mile away. QiQi has stated that Hu Tao “cannot smile unconvincingly”, possibly indicating, that she’s depressed. In this Reddit, Hu Tao’s parents are dead, people are scared of her, and due to her anxiety, her vision hurts her. This Reddit user believes that Hu Tao is in pain from her vision as a form of self-harm. When she uses her power she’s intentionally hurting herself. This was too painful to read. If this is true we just want to give Hu Tao a hug.

Those are the top Genshin Impact headcanons that are circling the internet. For everything Genshin Impact be sure to check out Gamer Journalist. We post daily news, guides, and codes about upcoming and current gaming titles.

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