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The Rarest Fortnite Back Blings

A talking head, a robot, and a shiny rock just to name a few.

Games as a live service have always been about owning the best and most sought-after items in the game. And in Fortnite, there are a myriad of items that have eluded players for quite some time. So let’s scour the market and take a look at the rarest Fortnite back blings.

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In Fortnite, players can equip a plethora of items to their character. From changing their outfits entirely to swapping out backpacks and pickaxes. We’re going to focus on backpacks, otherwise known as back blings, as there are quite a lot that players have missed out on. There are more that we won’t cover here, but we’re going to check out 10 of some of the rarest Fortnite back blings in the game. Some of these were exclusive to character bundles, while others might have required you to purchase products outside of the game.

Rarest Fortnite Back Blings Listed

Rarest Fortnite Back Blings — Rift Rock

Back Bling rock
Image via Epic Games

Our first backpack on the list is the Rift Rock from Season X. It costs 400 V-Bucks when it appears in the shop, but much like everything else on this list, good luck finding it in the shop any time soon. This bad boy has been absent from the shop for over 1500 days. This does not bode well for those who don’t already own this space rock. But for those that do, you can equip this backpack and know that people will look at you with jealousy and intrigue when you squad up with the team again.

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Rarest Fortnite Back Blings — Scarlet Satchel

Back Bling scarlet
Image via Epic Games

Next up on the list is the Scarlet Satchel, first appearing in Chapter 2, Season 2, as part of the Lil’ Red Set. Depending on how long you’ve played Fortnite, you might have acquired this red leather bag since it was released back in 2020. What makes it so rare is the fact that it has not really shown up in the shop again since its release. It might not look the coolest, but its lack of availability saves it a spot in the list of rarest Fortnite Back Blings.

Rarest Fortnite Back Blings — Claptrap

Back Bling claptrap
Image via Epic Games

Our first collaboration back bling comes in the form of everyone’s favorite cursing robot, Claptrap. Releasing during Season X, Claptrap was part of the Psycho Bundle. Along with him not showing his robotic face in the shop for quite some time, the main way players obtained this backpack was by purchasing Borderlands 3 on the Epic Games Store when the game launched. Furthermore, the bundle, along with Claptrap, hasn’t been seen in Fortnite’s shop for a long time. This makes the entire set one of the rarest and most sought-after sets in the entire game.

Rarest Fortnite Back Blings — Mimir

Back Bling mimir
Image via Epic Games

Continuing our collaboration backpacks, the next bling on the list is the talking head Mimir from the recent God of War games. Accompanied by his glowing eye, Mimir was introduced in the Kratos bundle when it was released in Chapter 2: Season 5. You didn’t have to purchase the game like Borderlands 3. However, its unique appearance has not graced the shop’s presence in over 1000 days as of writing this article. So, if you see this talking head in the shop, you’ll want to grab it if you’re someone who likes collecting rare items.

Rarest Fortnite Back Blings — Tri-Pack

Back Bling tripack
Image via Epic Games

Reaching the halfway point in the list, our next back bling we’re going to show off is the Tri-Pack, first introduced in Season X. You might be noticing a reoccurring theme in our list today, as it seems many items from Fortnite’s last season of Chapter 1 as hard to come by. What’s more, the Tri-Pack has only been seen 7 times since it was released. This means this flux-capacitor-looking doohickey is extremely rare, and anyone who knows anything about Fortnite items will know just how exclusive it is if they see it in-game.

Rarest Fortnite Back Blings — Back-O-Lantern

Back Bling pumpkin
Image via Epic Games

Next up on the list is the very spooky Back-O-Lantern from Chapter 2: Season 1 of Fortnite. The revamp of Fortnite coinciding with Halloween worked perfectly for Epic Games, as they released some spooky-themed items like the Back-O-Lantern. And since it’s essentially a holiday event item, you more than likely won’t see this backpack in the shop unless it’s October. So keep your eyes peeled for a spooky pumpkin to add to your collection.

Rarest Fortnite Back Blings — Cool Grey

Back Bling shoe
Image via Epic Games

This item is for all those sneakerheads out there looking to show off some sick kicks in the game. The Cool Grey back bling was released during Chapter 2: Season 8 of Fortnite and was available in the Air Jordan XI Cool Grey Set. What makes this item unique is the fact that a larger-than-normal Cool Grey Air Jordan sneaker has entirely replaced your backpack.

Collaborations such as this always work on a timeframe basis. This means Epic Games might need re-approval from Nike to add the item back to Fortnite. This doesn’t bode well for those who don’t own the item, but those who do can revel in the FOMO others are feeling when looking at the illustrious shoe on your back.

Rarest Fortnite Back Blings — Buckled

Buckled Back Bling
Image via Epic Games

Coming in at the 7th back bling on the list is the Buckled backpack, released all the way back in Season 5. The Buckled Back Bling is arguably one of the rarest backpacks in the entire game, primarily due to the fact that it hasn’t been seen in the shop in almost 2000 days. So, if you haven’t played Fortnite in a few years, you might want to log back in and see if you have this uncommon back bling.

Rarest Fortnite Back Blings — Response Unit

Back Bling response
Image via Epic Games

Taking a look at our second to last item, we have the Response Unit backpack, released in Season 7. What makes this back bling so rare is the fact that the main way to obtain this item was by purchasing an eligible NVIDIA GeForce graphics card back in November of 2018. The offer is over as of now, and while it has shown up in the item shop 2 other times since then, it has not made another appearance. Furthermore, it seems that items that are part of a bundle like this don’t come back around the shop too often. But there’s always a chance it can be seen in the shop, so keep your eyes peeled.

Rarest Fortnite Back Blings — Widow’s Pack

Back Bling widow
Image via Epic Games

Finally, the Widow’s pack rounds out our list, first appearing in Season 8 as part of the Avengers Set. Part of a collaboration with Epic Games and Marvel, this deadly backpack has only been in the shop once, as it was part of the bundle. But as with other collab items in Fortnite, the Widow’s Pack might not ever return to the item shop. Since it’s never been a part of the shop as a standalone item, it’s unclear if we will see it by itself. It’s items like this that make the overwhelming FOMO of Fortnite a staple nowadays in the game. So, if you don’t want to miss out on anything, make sure to always have that wallet open for daddy Epic just in case.

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