Best Lego Fortnite Seeds: Beginner Seeds, Harvesting Seeds, Hardcore Survival Seeds and More

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Lego Fortnite best seeds
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When looking for a great seed for yourself in Lego Fortnite, you are most likely looking for a place with an abundance of valuable resources and some great geographical locations for your base (whether with some pre-made structure or without). That’s where we come in.

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We investigated some of the most interesting worlds hiding behind multi-digit codes that will give you an opportunity for an interesting start and even more exciting gameplay. Keep reading to find out what Lego Fortnite seeds are the best.

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Top Lego Fortnite Worlds (Seeds)

Adding a Seed to Lego Fortnite is a piece of cake. All you need to do is go to Select World> Create a New World> Select Create a New World slot> Override World Seed > Start. In the Override World Seed text box, you need to insert a number of the seed you want to join. You can also edit other details of your gameplay, such as whether you want the Survival mode or just a Sandbox and whether you want enemies, hunger, etc.

Now, let’s hop into the most exciting Seeds for Lego Fortnite.

The Loot Seed – 542354756

This seed can be called the early looting seed since there are plenty of destroyed houses or towers in the vicinity of your spawn in almost any direction that contains valuable resources. After you are done looting these nearby buildings, you can go to the desert that is just to the west and continue looting on the next level.

Since there are so many ruined buildings nearby, this seed offers you an opportunity to set up a base without too many materials.

Beginner Seed – 0942418202

The 0942418202 world is very beginner-friendly as it has a resource-rich cave just north of your starting position (yes, it has Knotroot). If you continue a bit further north, you will find a damaged house with loot and an opportunity to create your base there.

To the northeast of your spawn, you will see a beach, and just beyond it, there will be another resource-rich environment, a village, that you can loot. Another village is located if you travel north of your spawn, past the cave and the damaged house.

As far as I saw, this seed is one of the most popular out there at the moment, with plenty of other players and YouTubers commenting on it.

Hardcore Seed – 776776776

Wanna enter the ultimate survival mode? You got it! The 776776776 seed will surround you with ice biomes that are pretty close to your spawn, so you will have to fight for survival pretty quickly after you start playing in this world.

It’s probably good to note here that beginners should maybe skip playing this one before they understand the basics of the game. It’s really easy to die here, so look at this seed as a challenge when you’ve gathered some experience. I like to call this one the Winter is Coming seed.

Harvesting Seed – 1820364158

I can comfortably call the 1820364158 seed a harvesting seed since when you load it up, you spawn in the forest, which allows you to harvest almost everything. There are trees, pumpkins, raspberries, rocks – you name it, this world has it. If you’re not much of a person who likes to build from scrap, there are houses that can get you started in the area.

Not far from where you spawn, there is a desert biome that you can loot, and a bit further east of you, you can find the massive snow biome. This map has it all.

Meme Seed – 69

Yeah, you read that right. It’s seed 69. The seed gives you an overall great world with a cave right next to your spawn and both desert and beach biome not far as well. There are some houses nearby as well so you will find a lovely home in no time without too much effort.

So, the 69 seed is great overall, but I’ll be honest: I added it because it’s a meme world with the name 69 in it, and I couldn’t avoid passing on the joke.

Beach Seed – 0169290679

If you like to live by the sea, then seed 0169290679 is right for you. Sand Claws and Sand Shells will be easy to farm on the beaches of this world, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other attractive things in it.

As in other beginner-friendly seeds, here, too, you will be able to find a fair amount of houses and caves when you first start off.

Great Plains Seed – 559437494

The 559437494 is ideal for all the architects among players. You get to spawn in a great green plain without too many obstacles on the way that allows you to build the base of your dreams. Even though we’re talking about a big plain meadow, it doesn’t mean that it’s empty. There are more than enough trees and rocks in the neighborhood for you to harvest wood and granite so you can construct a decent base/house.

Cornfield Seed – 384729384

If you’re looking to harvest corn and build yourself a nice farm, there’s no better seed than 384729384. it spawns you in the middle of what looks like a limitless cornfield that you can collect and, after that, develop your base in the area with some nice animals.

All in One Seed – 999

Another rich seed that will spawn a desert right to the east of you when you spawn. It will take you only one or two sprints toward the desert to come across the first house that has some pretty neat resources to get you started.

The desert is rich with all kinds of goodies, but the best thing about this seed is that there are more than a few houses that you can loot near the edge of the desert, meaning that you don’t have to dive in too deep and risk losing health and/or spending the valuable items that guard you against the heat.

When you look across the map, opposite the desert, you will see a big snow biome that you can reach very easily and very quickly. The special thing about this snow biome is that you get to recruit a Yeti! Yes, that’s right, if you go -2.73, -3.06, you’ll get to meet the Yeti NPC that can be recruited and help you fight those nasty Frostwolves.

Easy Mode Seed – 1706125572

The 1706125572 seed puts you on the edge of three worlds, so to speak. You will be the closest that you have ever been to Grasslands, the shore, Dry Valley, and Frostlands when spawning. It is one of the best contenders for top survival seed.

We hope you found our list amazing! For more Fortnite content, make sure to check out How to Get All Rocket League Cars in Fortnite? and Best Keybinds for Fortnite Festival.

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