Best Villagers in Lego Fortnite: Best Cook, Best Farmer, Best Treasure Hunter and More

Who are the most hard-working villagers?
Lego Fortnite Best villagers
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So, you’ve decided to build your village, upgrade it to the highest level possible, and recruit the best villagers out there? It’s a smart move but not an easy one, it seems.

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Getting to the stage where all villagers are unlocked for you and where you can recruit them to do all kinds of things for you and your camp is pretty demanding but not impossible. Keep reading to find out how t o get all the villagers and which ones would be the best for your needs.

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Top Villagers in Lego Fortnite and Their Skills

As you will soon realize while playing Lego Fortnite, multiple villagers in the game will appear as time passes, and each can help you with multiple tasks, although every one of them excels in at least one area.

The best way to find the skills of a specific villager is to talk to them a couple of times. When in dialogue, pay attention to what they are talking about because the thing or a job they mention most often is likely to be their specialty, and you’ll be best of to put them on that job. For instance, if they talk about cooking, put them as a chef; if they talk about gathering resources, you put them on that job, etc.

Depending on your Village Square level, you will have a limited list of the number and type of villagers you can recruit. Everyone has their own priorities, so I wouldn’t say that there is an ultimate list of the best villagers that will be applicable to every Lego Fortnite fan. Still, you are here for a list, so we’ve compiled a small list of what we believe are the great villagers who can help you with various tasks.

  1. Hayseed – Great for growing crops.
  2. Beef Boss – Great for cooking.
  3. Skye – Great for gem gathering.
  4. Meowscles – Great for making wood items and exploring/fighting.

We will update our list as we get more reliable info on the other villagers.

How to Recruit Villagers in Lego Fortnite?

Lego Fortnite allows you to recruit a max of 5 villagers, and that’s when you have your Village Square upgraded and all research completed. In addition to upgrading this building, you need a bed and a chest for each villager you want to recruit.

You can give various tasks to the villagers, such as following you, farm resources, cooking, or just hanging around your base. When you decide to get rid of a certain villager, all you need to do is destroy their bed. When you do that and talk to them, they will inform you that you need to provide them with a bed in the next 5 days if you want them to stay. By not creating a new bed, you will make them go away after that period.

We hope our article sheds a bit more light on the villagers and how you can best use them in Lego Fortnite. For more Fortnite content, see Where is the Secret Loot Cave in Fortnite? and How to Play Fortnite Festival With a Guitar Controller: Workaround Explained.

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