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The Division 2 Weekly Vendor List March 4th, 2020

Here’s this week’s latest vendor reset information for The Division 2, containing all items on sale during the week of March 4th, 2020. The vendors reset weekly at 2:00 AM EST on Tuesdays.

GEAR – Division 2 Full Weekly Vendor List March 4th, 2020

Trapezius Go-bagWhite HouseWyvern Wear40121k1 Skill Tier
11.5% Weapon Handling
14,196 Health
Counterforce VestWhite HouseProvidence Defense40147k6.6% Weapon Damage
7.3% Status Effects
5.3% Skill Damage
Filter MaskThe CampusHana-U Corporation4075k1 Skill Tier
12,070 Health
3.1% Skill Damage
Morar Holster SystemThe CampusDouglas & Harding40104k5.2% Weapon Damage
11.5% Repair-skills
7.3% Skill Haste
Kote Hand GuardsThe TheaterMurakami Industries4080k1 Skill Tier
8.4% Skill Haste
4.8% Headshot Damage
Patella Knee CupsThe TheaterWyvern Wear4099k1 Skill Tier
3.8% Explosive Resistance
7.8% Critical Hit Damage
Young Low-Friction HolsterClanTrue Patriot40112k137,320 Armor
12.0% Weapon Handling
Snow Job MaskClanNegotiators Dilemma4080k12.7% Weapon Damage
9.1% Headshot Damage
Gatherers MaskClanOngoing Directive4080k12.6% Weapon Damage
17.8% Repair-skills
Sidewinder KneepadsClanGila Guard4099k123,201 Armor
9.2% Hazard Protection
8.5% Headshot Damage
Punch DrunkCassieDouglas & Harding4080k14.6% Weapon Damage
10.9% Headshot Damage
4.3% Critical Hit Chance
Driver Excursion PackCassieTrue Patriot40131k137,320 Armor
12.0% Weapon Handling
Appleton Body ArmorCassieTrue Patriot40158k144,181 Armor
9.1% Headshot Damage
Reyes Combat GlovesCassieTip of the Spear4080k12.6% Weapon Damage
17.8% Repair-skills
Strines Stabilizing PadsCassieHard Wired4099k1 Skill Tier
9.5% Status Effects
Klavdiya Sidearm HolderCassieAces & Eights40112k13.6% Weapon Damage
3,768 Armor Regeneration
Lyudmila Snipers MaskCassieAces & Eights4080k14.7% Weapon Damage
8.8% Status Effects
Body Armor SystemCassieProvidence Defense40158k15.0% Weapon Damage
9.5% Hazard Protection
17.0% Repair-skills
Jackrabbit HolsterCassieGila Guard40112k121,123 Armor
10.0% Explosive Resistance
3,894 Armor Regeneration
Reyes Combat GlovesDZ WestTip of the Spear4080k5.6% Weapon Damage
7.8% Skill Haste
Striker’s KneepadsDZ WestStriker’s Battlegear4099k10.2% Weapon Damage
6.9% Skill Damage
Ayal GlovesDZ WestGolan Gear Ltd4075k62,866 Armor
4.3% Headshot Damage
2.5% Critical Hit Chance
Tay Protective PadsDZ WestDouglas & Harding4099k5.4% Weapon Damage
2,627 Armor Regeneration
6.3% Skill Damage
Abberton Dynamo CarrierDZ SouthHard Wired40131k1 Skill Tier
3.9% Critical Hit Chance
Striker’s HarnessDZ SouthStriker’s Battlegear40158k4.1% Weapon Damage
17.2% Repair-skills
Gila Inventory SystemDZ SouthGila Guard40131k53,573 Armor
10.8% Repair-skills
7.4% Critical Hit Damage
Glacier Bay VestDZ SouthYaahl Gear40158k65,071 Armor
8.0% Skill Haste
2.7% Critical Hit Chance
Striker’s MaskDZ EastStriker’s Battlegear4080k8.4% Weapon Damage
7.6% Hazard Protection
Striker’s HolsterDZ EastStriker’s Battlegear40112k6.7% Weapon Damage
2,940 Armor Regeneration
Combat Mask CeteDZ EastBadger Tuff4075k54,393 Armor
6.5% Hazard Protection
2.2% Critical Hit Chance
Hera Pouch-Holster ComboDZ EastAiraldi Holdings40112k7.4% Weapon Damage
8.1% Critical Hit Damage
13,894 Health
Pygostyle SackHavenWyvern Wear40131k1 Skill Tier
6.7% Headshot Damage
7.8% Hazard Protection
Plated GlovesHavenHana-U Corporation4075k1 Skill Tier
5.7% Explosive Resistance
9.0% Skill Haste
Emet MaskHavenGolan Gear Ltd4075k80,225 Armor
7.7% Status Effects
7.7% Hazard Protection
Police SW BackpackBenitezProvidence Defense40131k5.4% Weapon Damage
11,446 Health
9.0% Weapon Handling
Dusk Attack GlovesBenitezGrupo Sombra S.A.4075k8.0% Weapon Damage
6.0% Headshot Damage
2,807 Armor Regeneration
Shomer HolsterBenitezGrupo Sombra S.A.40104k73,640 Armor
10.6% Repair-skills

WEAPONS – Division 2 Full Weekly Vendor List March 4th, 2020

Converted SMG-9White House70.7k825327.0% SMG Damage
9.5% Critical Hit Chance
G36 CWhite House74k750305.0% AR Damage
3.5% Health Damage
93RWhite House47.2k1100206.0% Pistol Damage
4.4% Accuracy
The Burn OutClan73.3k9003010.0% AR Damage
7.5% Health Damage
10.0% Headshot Damage
Police T821Clan100.9k5503211.0% SMG Damage
15.5% Critical Hit Chance
10.0% Headshot Damage
FAL SA-58Clan94.7k6502013.0% AR Damage
9.5% Health Damage
3.5% Rate of Fire
SPAS-12Clan880.7k70813.0% Shotgun Damage
10.0% Damage to Armor
8.5% Critical Hit Chance
Mk16Clan93.0k6253015.0% AR Damage
9.0% Health Damage
13.0% Optimal Range
Px4 Storm Type TClan128.3k3801712.0% Pistol Damage
8.0% Damage Out of Cover
SR-1The Campus508.4k6056.0% MMR Damage
70.0% Headshot Damage
4.8% Reload Speed
Military L86 LSWThe Campus94.3k610308.0% LMG Damage
7.0% Damage Out of Cover
4.0% Damage to Armor
ACS-12The Theater261.5k300206.0% Shotgun Damage
5.0% Damage to Armor
4.5% Health Damage
SIG 716 CQBThe Theater131.5k320206.0% Rifle Damage
13.0% Critical Hit Damage
The White DeathCassie599.9k55511.0% MMR Damage
137.0% Headshot Damage
Shield Splinterer – F2000Cassie73.6k8503013.0% AR Damage
9.5% Health Damage
9.0% Damage Out of Cover
Tactical Vector SBR 9mmCassie71.3k12001915.0% SMG Damage
16.5% Critical Hit Chance
13.0% Optimal Range
ACS-12Cassie266.6k300209.0% Shotgun Damage
11.0% Damage to Armor
9.0% Headshot Damage
SASG-12DZ West428.9k18075.0% Shotgun Damage
4.0% Shotgun Damage
LVOA-CDZ West138.0k360306.0% Rifle Damage
7.0% Critical Hit Damage
4.5% Magazine Size
AUG A3 Para XSDZ South90.2k7252511.0% SMG Damage
11.0% Critical Hit Chance
7.8% Stability
Mk16DZ South81.8k625305.0% AR Damage
3.5% Health Damage
D50DZ South296.2k15089.0% Pistol Damage
6.0% Critical Hit Chance
SOCOM Mk20 SSRDZ East190.1k275207.0% MMR Damage
74.0% Headshot Damage
MG5DZ East77.5k8005010.0% LMG Damage
8% Damage Out of Cover
8.0% Reload Speed
Vector SBR .45 ACPHaven59.8k1200256.0% SMG Damage
7.0% Critical Hit Chance
3.0% Damage to Armor
M249 BHaven96.8k5501008.0% LMG Damage
6% Damage Out of Cover
5.6% Reload Speed
Tactical SASG-12 KHaven440k18079.0% Shotgun Damage
7.0% Damage to Armor
Officer’s M9 A1Haven115.5k350205.0% Pistol Damage
4.5% Magazine Size
MP7Benitez59.2k950406.0% SMG Damage
7.5% Critical Hit Chance
Classic RPK-74Benitez83.7k650456.0% LMG Damage
5.0% Damage Out of Cover
4.9% Reload Speed
Double Barrel ShotgunBenitez983.6k200210.0% Shotgun Damage
8.0% Shotgun Damage
8.0% Stability
Officer’s M9 A1Benitez118.5k350209.0% Pistol Damage
5.0% Reload Speed
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